Rob Dyer, Be My Bear

" We have worked with Actuate for several years and have been constantly impressed by their work ethic, solid development skills and attention to detail. Now on our second Actuate website (Magento 2), they continue to amaze with their knowledge of Magento and the many available modules available to meet our growing needs. "

Emily Littlehales, Celtic Law

" I have been dealing primarily with Mat O'Connor and Amy Hayes. They have been very patient with me, being a one man band it has been a struggle to get the content prepared in a timely manner. I am also not the best generally with the tech speak. Everything has been clearly explained and I also benefitted from the training they provided me once the website had been built. I feel this adds to the honest approach with which they run their business - I was shown how to make changes to the site - whilst I would ask Actuate to make any major changes I have the option to make more minor changes myself which is great - they are more focussed on the clients interests, rather than ongoing charges. The communication has probably been the most impressive - they are very efficient and the customer journey has been really good from start to finish, I knew where we were up to at every stage and what was required from me (even if I was slow delivering it!) When I first so the site I was surprised how well they had caught the personality of the business - the site is the first step in the growth of my business and I chose the right company to design it for me. I am able to recommend Actuate Digital very confidently. "

Catherine Lund-Barker, Elcometer

" I like working with Actuate because they care about what they do, they clarify the detail to get the job done right. They organise and plan to give you what you want - when you want - they don't pull any punches. They have worked incredibly hard with our complex needs and have been on hand for help and advice every step along the way... They now feel like part of OUR TEAM - not an external agency. "

Dan Jones, Instinct Wellness

" Fantastic, really good to work with. Actuate Digital listen, work with you and then deliver websites that work. "

Donna Middleton, The Shirt Company

" Sentient are a friendly, intelligent and responsive agency. I highly recommend them. "