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Xigen Ltd


Clients & Partners


Timeframe: Past

Xigen re-designed and created a new content management system (CMS) for Constructionline.co.uk, which connects over 45,000 pre-qualified building contractors, consultants and other suppliers to organisations looking to undertake building work. Appointed by Capita, the outsourcing and professional services organisation which runs Constructionline.co.uk, Xigen focused its design work on improving the user experience to encourage engagement, with the key objective to drive the conversion of suppliers and buyers to paid memberships for the subscription-based service. Xigen developed a new CMS to allow for faster, easier and more frequent changes and modifications to Constructionline.co.uk, ensuring it is always up to date. Xigen also increased the page speed to help improve the user experience.


Timeframe: Past

UNICEF appointed Xigen to help create rich media activity to support their #BreakTheirFast campaign that ran in the Middle East over the final couple of weeks of the holy month of Ramadan in June 2018. With the strapline 'Until Itfar' which is when Muslims break their fast during Ramadan and containing the hashtag #BreakTheirFast, Xigen helped create banner ads and re-edited a video which communicates that by giving to UNICEF it is possible to help break the fast for thousands of less fortunate children around the world. This campaign is particularly important during Ramadan because all Muslims, who can afford it, are required to contribute a proportion of their wealth and / or time and charitable causes. Xigen's activity for UNICEF follows recent digital design work for Audi Dubai. Xigen was appointed to help generate interest in and pre-sales of luxury saloon car the Audi A8 ahead of its launch in Dubai. The campaign saw the agency design, develop and deploy several rich media banner adverts supporting the release of the new Audi A8.

Models Own

Timeframe: Past

Global on and offline cosmetics brand, Models Own, announced the launch of its redesigned and replatformed website in August 2018, that's designed to improve the ecommerce experience. Models Own worked on this project with Xigen who replatformed the Models Own website onto Magento 2 from a legacy bespoke solution and helped to redesign the site to improve the user experience and encourage sales, as well as support additional users and extra orders. The replatforming has increased the number of new ecommerce features, including promotional campaign tools and 'quick view' functionality, to improve customer engagement. It has delivered an enriched content management system (CMS) to enable the retailer to easily manage and update their website. Also, the replatforming increased the scalability and reliability of the site to ensure that Models Own's ecommerce offering is at peak performance. The website redesign work by Xigen has focused on delivering a quicker route to product and checkout, with improved navigation and filtering, along with enhanced mobile usability and improved site wide SEO.