Clients & Partners

Uber Eats

Time frame: Present

Local advertising in both Birmingham & Bristol through our communities Birmingham Updates and Best of Bristol. We create social first content which we then distribute through our communities to our 550,000 engaged local followers. We also run paid advertising services for direct response conversions for new users in both cities.

Leeds City Council

Time frame: Present

We're working with Leeds City Council to run a hyperlocal campaign to promote the Visit Leeds campaign. Using our technology, we're researching hyperlocal community groups and pages within 1 hours drive time of Leeds then creating and distributing content through these channels to engage local people with the key messages.

NHS Birmingham & Solihull

Time frame: Past

We were tasked with running a hyperlocal campaign to advertise a new app being launched to local people in the West Midlands. We worked with the team to research relevant hyperlocal Facebook groups and pages then built out a campaign to create and distribute content through these channels.

Miss Macaroon

Time frame: Present

We're working with Miss Macaroon to run all of their paid social media. We're creating social first content to generate e-commerce sales through their website. We're also launching a brand ambassador programme as well as a hyperlocal Facebook groups strategy to increase brand awareness in key target locations around the UK

Urban Training Health Hubs

Time frame: Present

We're working with Urban Training to launch their digital fitness proposition called Health Hub. We're running all of their paid social media campaigns. We're creating social first content, creating landing pages and lead generation products to generate email sign ups.


Time frame: Present

We're working with the team at Chefiesta to run all of their paid social media strategy. Creating social first content to drive sales through their E-Commerce store. We're also providing organic social media consultancy to help increase their organic social engagement.