Tug is 'Working From Home'

29th April 2020

’Working from home’ has been a policy open to Tug employees for some time now, however, since Monday 23rd March, the whole Tug team globally transitioned to working from home. Because we had the set up in place already, it went incredibly smoothly, but we have to thank our amazing team for working so hard to make it a success. We also recognised the need for new and improved communication processes, meeting cadences as well as individual management, to ensure not only the continued level of service we provide our clients, but also the cohesive running of the agency itself.


Since lockdown, we’ve implemented or improved tools and processes to support collaborative working, as well as twice-daily internal status calls, to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence for our clients. We know that continuing to drive results and meeting KPIs is the best thing we can do for our client’s businesses in these uncertain times and the best thing we can do together to protect the economy as a whole. Tug’s expertise is Performance Marketing, and it’s at times like these that it’s of upmost importance that everything we do for our clients is transparent, measurable, and focussed on driving the most efficient results. And we are working with our clients on plans through lockdown and beyond, as the people, the country and the economy recover.


We continue to follow government guidance, as the health and safety of our staff is paramount at Tug, but we also believe that it is our duty to do what we can on a societal level – so, we are staying home. But we do look forward to when we can meet with our colleagues and clients in person again.

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