Increase Ecommerce Spend as Social Distancing Continues

E-commerce Strategy

Although we’re in a time of uncertainty there is one thing that is certain, consumers’ increase in demand for ecommerce. The driving force behind the increase in demand is Government advice to urge whole populations to “stay at home”, social distance and avoid the outside world. With only essential shops allowed to remain open, searching for and buying products online is our only way to access them.


How much are eCommerce brands increasing their investment?

The below diagram from MediaRadar shows that e-commerce ad spend doubled from $4.8 million the week of February 17 to $9.6 million the week of March 9. This includes advertising spend across national TV, print and digital media, including websites, Snapchat, YouTube and podcasts.


Increased demand is comparable to the Christmas period

Most ecommerce brands make most of their sales and revenue during the few weeks of the year around Black Friday and the lead up to Christmas. However, since social distancing measures have been in place, the level of demand for many items such as books, toys, home workout equipment, homeware and loungewear is comparable to (and some cases, higher than) Christmas and Black Friday. As people are more likely to purchase during this time in lockdown, it’s definitely worth increasing your ad spend in order to drive incremental sales. (Source: Google Trends)


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