Benita Sabharwal, Citrix

" Transmission has been one of the easiest agencies I have worked with, really supportive, going over and above. They are great at sharing new ideas and approaches for how we can push the boundaries of our marketing - some of which have been leveraged by other teams. They are knowledge, professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with! "

Mie Bolvig Sorensen, Maersk Drilling

" We are very pleased with working with Transmission. They have shown solid performance in their ability to understand our business and context, think strategic, plan and deliver specific actions as well as managing our projects overall. With the support from Transmission, we are continuously getting closer to reaching our goals while still learning more about where to go to next. "

Lenka Kanakova, VMware

" I appreciate the transformation Transmission has gone through during last year within our relationship. We have grown into "partners in crime". Thank you for your patience and openness. Also I see that if we talk and interact more we really move our projects faster and better, the human interaction is the most important despite the digital era :) "

Amy Wagman, VMware

" I cannot provide a public testimonial. "