You have a skin-tingling vision to shape, an important message to spread, a unique story to share — and they all deserve an adoring audience. But attention is getting more and more difficult to win, which is why you don’t just need to produce strategic visuals, YOU NEED TO PRODUCE SPELLBINDING ONES. That’s where we tiny wizards come in. (And yes, you may ask to see our wands.)

Tiny Wizard Studio is a creative agency where anything is possible. You dream it, we do it. Boldly. Beautifully.

We’re here to be the partner to your visionary, purpose-driven company and help grow its reach and revenue faster by conjuring up personality-drenched visual communications.

You might work in the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean your communications have to look and feel corporate. We’re here to spellbind people, not put them to sleep. (Unless you sell sleeping pills.)

We’ve worked with almost every industry you can think of and created campaigns of all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, but there’s always been one constant: Our working culture. It’s so strong we’ve even won awards for it. We believe it’s why we produce visual communications our clients go wild for — and we produce them on time, every time.

So if the thought of releasing something average makes you feel like chundering, you’re in the right place, because we’re allergic to average and addicted to alchemy.

Whether you’re intrigued about working with us wizards, you have any questions about our services or team culture, this is the place to get in touch. 

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Arts, Automotive, Broadcasting, Business to Business, Charity, Construction, Consumer Durables, Cosmetics/Beauty, Education, Fashion, Financial, FMCG, Food and drink, Healthcare, Industrial, IT, Leisure, Media, Outdoor Activities, Professional service, Property, Public sector, Retail, Science, Sport, Technology, Tourism, Travel, Utilities


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  • United Studios
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Welsh Government
  • Welsh Cycling
  • Oscar Kilo
  • The Chilli Project
  • Age Cymru
  • WebMarketer
  • Visit Digital
  • Artisarnie


"Creative, innovative, fun to work with, the magical team at Tiny Wizard have it all."

Bengo Media

"The Tiny Wizard team are creative, energetic and enthusiastic amd this comes across in their work. They listen to their clients and make sure they fully understand what is required and this ensures the end result is excellent."

Bullies Out

"Find a creative agency is never easy, but when you find the right one - the fit is perfect - Tiny Wizard are that agency for us - a real pleasure to work with this team"

Welsh Cycling