Ben Kuchta, National Grid

" OTB required to rebuild a project website. Very patient, helpful, creative and fulfilled expectations. "

Emma Greaves, MHA

" I love working with ThinkOTB. As the brand manager for a large and complicated organisation such as MHA they really have made my job so much easier over the last two years of us working together. They're supportive, yet challenge ways of thinking which is so important when repositioning a brand. I truly believe the brand development project and work we've done on strategy and campaigning since would not have been anywhere near as successful without the support of ThinkOTB and their dedication to help us get a very complicated and at times frustrating project over the line. With the help of ThinkOTB we have moved on hearts and minds about brand internally and externally so far - something which we would not have been able to achieve without them. An agency should be an extension of your team that is easy to work with and enhances the work you're doing and I couldn't think of anyone better to fit into this description. I don't have anything I dislike about working with them. There have been challenges, like there is with every large piece of work and projects but we've always had an open and honest relationship, identifying what is and isn't working for both sides and finding productive and effective solutions to move forward and progress with aligned objectives. ThinkOTB really listen to what you're asking and deliver outputs which will work for the organisation. I can't recommend them enough. "

Jade Abromov, SLD Training

" Thank you to ThinkOTB we have a fit for purpose website which allows our customer journey to be seamless. Integrated well into our other systems such as CRM system too. Would definitely recommend. "

Karolina Szymanska, SRO Solutions

" I would recommend ThinkOTB to anybody who is looking to revitalise their brand. They have great processes in place to help redesign your brand and shape marketing ideas. Their holistic approach and true care for the customer are exceptional. "

Lawrence Christensen, Company Shop

" OTB are my go to agency. I have worked with the team for many years and through three different board level Marketing and Communications roles. They have been the agency that I have turned to when a campaign is simply not delivering and needed OTB to pick up and rescue a situation. They have also won large pitches against strong agencies from across UK because of their ability to present a clear plan of action to deliver the business objectives. They are exceptional at the creation of a coherent and relevant strategy but importantly stand behind their plan and have always delivered on the activation. The team have always worked with me on creating a plan that delivers on the KPIs and ultimately marketing that delivers revenue to the bottom line through acquisition and retention campaigns that built on a sound foundation of beautiful creative and clear activation plan. "