VĂ©rane Gross, LVMH

" We worked with Mimi and Topher at the PHA Group to undertake a Share of Voice study. The project scope was clearly defined and quickly agreed. All deliverables were timely and presented in a digestible format. The study provided some invaluable insights for our teams. Mimi and Topher went above and beyond to ensure that the presentations they created and delivered to our teams would be suited to the audience. They undertook additional analysis to help fill in some gaps in our understanding. "

Dan Coleman, Coleman Marketing Ltd

" Always a pleasure to work with and keen to help with even the most bespoke challenges. "

Kate Daly, Amicable

" PHA did an amazing job on positioning us for the biggest change in divorce laws in over 50 years. They worked tirelessly to reach out to journalists writing about the subject and secured more coverage in a single month than they had for practically whole of the previous year. They secured high quality, tier one coverage and delivered on our objectives. They were very focused on delivering to the timeline and were always friendly and positive about our brand. We enjoyed working with them... a big thank you to Helen and her team. "

Robbie Povey, Virgin Experience Days

" Very easy team to work with - good people. Understand the business needs well, and have strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Proactive, hard-working and optimistic when things are challenging. "

Trudy De Vogel, Dynata

" The people we've worked with at Red Hot Penny are professional, knowledgeable and flexible. The team has helped us move along with our SEO strategy despite having to work with limitations on our side. "

Charlotte Moore, Needle & Thread

" I love working with Ret Hot Penny, the whole team are amazing. They feel like an extension of our in house team as they are so friendly and approachable. They deliver great results, are open to being challenged and challenge us right back. The knowledge and skill set of everyone we have worked with across SEO, paid search and social has been undeniable, and our account manager is always present which I find very reassuring. "

Ben Lipscombe, Cambridge Audio

" Brilliant people who do great work. Straight talking, consultative and very experienced. In it for the long term rather than a quick win with no long term foresight. Deliver great results and are nice to work with too. "

Paul Rowland, Hedonism

" David & the team at Red Hot Penny have exceeded our expectations - they are thorough, fast & detailed in their reporting & advice - we are looking to expand the range of services RHP currently provide. Very impressive all round! "

Tony Simmons, Megabus

" We very much see RHP as a extension to our internal team. They are friendly, efficient, and always look to assist us with our queries often going above and beyond any formal contract arrangements. They continually look to provide us with information on changes within digital marketing, as well as hosting 'lunch and learn' sessions which have been really helpful. "

Mark Johansen-Berg, Skate Hut

" I have recommended RHP many times and continue to do so. Nice people that do a great job. "

Sophie Wilson , Astound Commerce

" The team at Red Hot Penny are a pleasure to work with and they really go the extra mile to support clients, regardless of maturity and size As a small business, they own their specialisms across acquisition channels and can offer brands long term partnerships or ad-hoc one off services including analytics insights, attribution and measurement strategies, all of which have been well received by our clients. I look forward to continue working together, growing the partnership and helping clients reach their digital ambitions. "

David Mellor, Hedonism Wine

" The team at Red Hot Penny combine responsiveness and friendliness with an impressive knowledge of the industry and the skills to apply that knowledge to get results. They are always available when we have questions or requests and are equally flexible when we need to rearrange calls or meetings. Essentially - lovely people who know their onions. "

Mark Liddington, Needle & Thread

" RHP are a really solid agency to partner with, give honest feedback, manage expectations really well and consistently deliver. "

Sarah McGregor, SkateHut Ltd

" This agency is great with open lines of communication to the point of integrating into our company Slack groups. The knowledge of SEO both technical and content-driven is excellent within the group and their strategic decisions have been invaluable to our organic channel. "

Samantha Blasonato, Seko Australia

" Red Hot Penny are great! They are a knowledgeable agency who are always readily available to assist in anyway. They have many experienced workers in multiple departments and understand individual company needs. "

Ben Curel, Liz Earle

" The team is relaxed and easy to communicate with. They were really knowledgeable and completed the work effectively. There was nothing to dislike and I'd not hesitate to use them again. "

Jamie Rooney, Boots Alliance

" Love working with Red Hot Penny, the team are highly experienced, offering first class insight. Working to a high standard on time and to budget. "