A reimagining of historical artists as luxury fashion brands

Design Strategy

When it comes to luxury fashion, there is something quite nostalgic about clothing from a bygone era. Undoubtedly, this can be traced to the creation of exclusive and timeless pieces that were a staple of luxury brands. In today’s competitive market, luxury brands have to connect with customers in more creative ways than ever. Therefore, real luxury must distinguish itself cleverly and authentically to retain its prestige and glamour.

Creating the right look and feel can be a difficult challenge for any fashion brand. Although, inspiration can be found in a variety of places. For example, to create an acceptance of the premium pricing and heightened loyalty, brands should create depth, authenticity, and credibility in the creative.  To read a previous article on creativity for luxury brands click here.

With this in mind, we wanted to take something nostalgic and give it an ultra-modern feel. Therefore, we asked our design team to reimagine some of the world’s greatest ever historical artists as modern-day luxury fashion brands.

To do this, our designers developed the idea of ‘The Fine Art Line’. This would be the bases of our graphics, creating 6 what would be social posts to promote this luxury fashion line. The branding and typography have been designed to consider the artistic nature of the theme while bringing the overall look and feel up to the modern standard luxury fashion has come to expect.

If you would like to see the concepts. Click here -->> https://bit.ly/3Nx3AxO