The Observer Effect


Clients & Partners


Timeframe: Present

How do we position ourselves as different to others in this space? "We have the focus, capability and opportunity to become a leader in the Master Trust pension space. We would like some support and guidance in taking all we know from a technical, product and business offering and turning it into a compelling story for both our market and its members."

Standard Life Assurance

Timeframe: Present

Are you be able to find us a line? "We want to develop a brand platform that will appeal directly to customers. We have a name many partners, clients and industry professionals trust - we now need to evolve it and create a unique positioning for the retail market"

Domestic and General

Timeframe: Present

Why can't people see us differently? "We've invested in enhancing our service for customers, we now want to improve the perceptions of our brand in the market - and in our team. We want to reposition ourselves and build a strategy that will support us in our ambitions"

BT Sport

Timeframe: Present

Where do we go from here? "We need to stand out, and fit in. We need the ability to capture the ways we work and the values we use. We need to agree and articulate who we are and what we stand for so that we can stay connected to fans - and one another"


Timeframe: Past

Can you get us more than a glance? "We need to create a training series for our senior leadership team. The content generated needs to include narration by experts and thought leaders. It must be delivered in a highly engaging, digital and global format"


Timeframe: Present

Can we be more than the stars backstage? "We're a membership organisation that wants to ensure we're able to stay relevant. We need to better communicate our purpose and value as a brand. We need a stronger presence and a platform to communicate from"