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5 reasons why in-store point of sale works

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While our shopping habits may have changed in recent years with ecommerce taking over from the high street in many areas, it’s never been more important to capitalise on those store visits you do get to maximise your sales.

Here are 5 reasons why in-store point of sale can work for your marketing:

1. POS can build brand awareness and highlight new products

Point of sale is a great way to highlight an existing product or introduce a new brand to your market which may otherwise get lost on-shelf amongst competitors. Whether it’s as simple as a shelf barker or wobbler, or a larger FSDU (Free-Standing Display Unit), it’s a simple way of communicating the benefits of your new product or brand, potentially alongside an introductory offer. Here’s an example of an FSDU we created for the launch of the new Skinner’s Life dog food range: SKINNER’S LIFE POINT OF SALE DESIGN

2. POS can disrupt the shopper journey

Point of sale works for seasonal offers or major product or campaign launches, allowing retailers to adapt their environment without too much cost or changes in layout. Items such as header cards, bus stops and shelf strips can quickly transform an end of aisle fixture for maximum impact and floor vinyls can direct traffic at the store entrance and hanging boards can further strengthen the offering. It can also be used at point of purchase, such as on a bar top or back bar in pubs, like this original design we created for St Peter’s Brewery for the launch of their Alcohol Free beer: ST PETER’S WITHOUT® ALCOHOL FREE BEER POINT OF SALE

3. POS can be reactive

Point of sale is an instant solution when it comes to strategic marketing, such as reacting to competitor offers, promoting an over surplus of stock and short-term offers, such as ‘happy hours’ or event promotions such as Father’s Day or football World Cup. Posters or counter strut cards can be printed on a quick turnaround to respond to these key events, that will help generate a buzz in-store and drive sales. A great example of this is our design for the Festive Instant Win promotion for Ridgeons which included a 2 metre high advent calendar and lucky dip dump bin: RIDGEONS CHRISTMAS ADVENT PROMOTION POINT OF SALE

4. POS can influence buying decisions in-store

Shoppers are more often than not going to stores to browse rather than with a planned purchasing mission, so point of sale is a proven method of disrupting their journey and influencing their buying decisions. They may just be popping in for one item and a counter display unit by the checkout can be an ideal opportunity to encourage up-sell – maybe they are buying a torch and need batteries, or influenced by a good price, such as the CDU we designed for our client Wisdom Toothbrushes for their range of Children’s brushes: WISDOM STEP BY STEP AND BRIGHTSTAR CDU

5. POS can be bespoke

Point of sale can be a flexible but unique solution to engage customers in-store. It takes up little floor space but can create maximum impact. In wholesale stores pallet wraps can be a quick and easy solution to promote a new product or special offer, such as the one we created for the launch of the new Daawat rice brand: DAAWAT RICE MARKETING CAMPAIGN. A standee can be bespoke to your brand, portraying a person or character to drive sales or brand awareness, such as the original dragon illustration we commissioned for Westmill for the Green Dragon competition: GREEN DRAGON FLOUR POINT OF SALE


These are all great examples of why point of sale can work for your product marketing. Take a look at our other POINT OF SALE DESIGN projects including our full retail fixture vision for THE BACON DESTINATION at Smithfield market or watch the video: THE BACON DESTINATION VIDEO

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