Sonya Link, Invisalign

" Team eleven are the perfect agency partner. They develop and in-depth knowledge of your business objectives and work towards delivering outcomes. I have always viewed them as an extension of my team Highly recommend this agency "

Karina Ludz, Invisalign

" Team 11 is a great 360 partner agency to work with. The quality of their work has never diminished over the years - they are still very dedicated and engaged, creative, easy to work with and think customer-first. Their team is their absolutely strongest asset. "

Alexandra Ventura, Align

" Fabulous team that are a true extension of our internal team. Their commitment, strategic approach and creativity is outstanding with nothing being too big an ask. "

Eraldo Mussa, Armando Testa

" You can count on them ! Creativity service and professionalism in a unique high quality blend . Worth tasting ! "

Ceri Chard, Vamousse

" They totally fitted the bill for what we were looking for and feel like an extension of our marketing team. We love working with them and feel more good things are going to come of the partnership. "

Alexandra van der Stap, Invisalign

" Team Eleven are great partners who think along with us (both in terms of strategy and objectives to be reached as well as budget available) and feel like a part of the team. "

Tanya, Align Technology

" Team 11 is the best strategic agency I've ever worked with. We don't feel like we work with an agency but rather an integrated part of our team. Always conscious of our priorities and urgencies, they always deliver on time, on budget extremely high quality. I am extremely happy with them and would definitely recommend them for any kind of collaboration. "

`Natalie Bayes, Vamousse

" Professional, adaptable and such lovely people! We are a complex business with lots of regulatory constraints, but Team 11 are always flexible and work hard to find a solution every time. You can always reply on them for honest, strategic advice. "

Antony Field, Kettlesmith

" Team Eleven have been incredibly helpful and easy to work with. They deliver what they say they will, on time and to a level that exceeds expectations. They bring original and effective ideas to the table and help me see ways to improve the marketing and communications aspects of my business. "

Jade Walker, Vamousse

" Team 11 are an incredibly creative, smart, insightful and professional bunch. They deliver projects which are supported by real insights and executed with real inspiration. Not only are they excellent at what they do, they make the entire process enjoyable, with humour, honesty and enthusiasm. "

Michelle Harvey, Invisalign

" The more I have had to engage with other agencies, the more I realise that what Team Eleven offer really is something special. They have a genuine committment to each project and ensuring success as well as being some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with. "

Sudha Puri, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital

" Team Eleven are a great ageny to work with. Each project no matter how big or small is approached with great energy and inquisitiveness to ensure the client is happy with the final result. "

Tom Kenny, Alliance

" It's always a pleasure to work with Team Eleven. I feel they care about our brands as much as we do. Great work done by great people. "