Ben Challoner (Data & Content Strategist)

Ben Challoner


Ben started out wanting to be a screenwriter and film director but got sidetracked by working in sales in the financial services industry.

Before joining Studio 24 in 2016, Ben travelled around Australia working as a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. One of Ben’s favourite clients was the artist Ian Berry who at the time went by the pseudonym ‘Denimu’. Ian creates incredible canvas pieces out of cuts of denim from jeans.

Ben started at Studio 24 as a Digital Marketing Executive and was promoted to Data and Content Strategist in May 2019. Ben now focuses his work on Content Strategy, SEO digital marketing work, and analysing data on websites to help improve the work we do.

With his background in film studies, Ben has really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Cambridge Film Festival.

In his free time, Ben is part of the ‘Bums on Seats’ film review show on Cambridge105 FM. He is a co-host of the film podcast ‘Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast’ and a reviewer and feature contributor for movie blog site ‘BRWC – Battle Royale With Cheese’.