Liam Potter (Creative Director)

Liam Potter


As the youngest member of the Studio Mashbo team, what Liam Potter lacks in age, he makes up for in talent.

From the word go, he knew he wanted to be a graphic designer. In school, he was a dab hand in art, a whiz in IT and passionate about physics.

Headstrong and focused are two words that could be used to describe Liam. As he progressed through Liverpool Community College studying multi-media design, 3D animation and game design.Determined not to settle for any old job, he held out for 6 months, until an opportunity at Rippleffect came up in 2008. This is where he first encountered Gavin and Steve.

The hunger and desire to grow as a designer, led him to collaborate with Steve and a group of friends, setting up Telanorth. Liam eventually left Rippleffect in order to focus on this.

At every stage of his career, Liam has always grabbed the bull by the horns, doing bits of online game and chat development in his spare time.

His philosophy of 'just going for it' was realised when Telanorth merged with It's About Websites in 2011 and Studio Mashbo was born....

One of his favourite aspects of working at Studio Mashbo, is their decision-making process. They know how they want to work and which technologies they want to apply.

A true techie at heart; Liam likes to experiment with music production, creating intricate soundscapes from the comfort of his own home.