Gavin Sherratt (Managing Director)

Gavin Sherratt


Gavin Sherratt's life could have gone down a very different path, had he realised his dreams of becoming a policeman. Instead, he stuck to his guns and developed his creative side.

During his years at school, he saw that his talents lay in less academic, more expressive subjects. What he lacked in foreign languages, he made up for ten-fold in art and design.

It made sense for Gavin to complete a degree in Graphic Arts at LJMU after college, as afterwards, he went straight into work at digital agency, Rippleffect, as employee #2.

After 7 ½ years and rising through the ranks to the post of Creative Director; he eventually left the company and set up It's About Websites and also started working with Auction Hospitality and Your Business eZine. Eventually he merged It's About Websites with Telanorth in 2011.

Gavin is very much a realist when it comes to business. He can confidently see Studio Mashbo progressing on a national, if not global scale. By providing a sense of freedom to have fun, whilst creating practical solutions, Studio Mashbo make their own platforms and rules.

When Gavin's not busy building and developing beautiful websites, he enjoys running around muddy fields and chilling out with his friends after.

He also appreciates a good piece of street art and can often be seen snapping random pictures of things. Gavin also enjoys snowboarding (work and weather permitting)- he got trained by the Bulgarian Olympic Snowboarding Team!


  • Downtown Liverpool Awards 2011 - Social Media Guru [Winner]
  • Liverpool Business Awards 2011 - Best Creative Company [Shortlisted]
  • LJMU Entrepreneurial Alumnus of the Year 2010 [Winner]
  • Future 100 2010 - Listed as one the UK's leading Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs
  • Downtown Livercool Awards 2010 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year [Shortlisted]
  • Liverpool Business Awards 2010 - Best Marketing Campaign [Shortlisted]
  • Downtown Livercool Awards 2009 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year [Shortlisted]