Levent Yildizgoren, TTC wetranslate

" Storm Creative is a company you can rely on for all your digital marketing. "

Selin Bengu Oktay, TTC wetranslate

" We are very satisfied working with Storm and we would like our collaboration to continue. "

Dave Brown, Moomoo

" Between 'likes' and 'dislikes' about working with Storm I am pleased to say we have only 'likes'. Creative, professional and on budget. "

Dino Forte, Ventrica

" Storm really understand our business and always come up with highly creative ways to amplify our brand. I love working with them! "

Steve Callaghan, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

" Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service has worked with Storm over the past 2 years to develop innovative mental health web based support for our Leeds population. Thousands of people have accessed this since November 2019, feedback has been excellent and it is going from strength to strength. An enormous thanks to Neil, Charlotte and the team for the excellent partnership and collaborative approach. "

Karen Lang, CI Connect

" Neil and the team at Storm offer a thorough and well-organised full marketing service, They are great to deal with, very proactive, honest and open, and they dig very deep to find out how your business works and what makes you and your clients tick. "

Jocelyn Astle, Southend Council

" We have continued to run the three county lines campaigns that Storm developed for us, over the last year. During COVID, especially with so many children unwatched by schools in the way they would usually be, we needed to continue to get the message out, so our professionals could reach out and help those who needed it. The original campaigns Storm created were done so in such a way that they didn't date, and we could continue to get our message heard - with a focus more on online and digital advertising this time. We used YouTube ads and Snapchat as the core thrust of this, and our child protection professionals were able to pick up those who got in touch as a result of seeing the videos Storm had created. "

Lewis Barr, Academy Estate Consultants

" Very professional, knowledgeable and exceed expectations. "

Phil Owers, Papirfly

" Storm have been just what we were looking for, they challenge us, advise us and provide great strategy and service. We have really enjoyed their input to our own strategy and look forward to continue working with them. "

Terence O'Connor, Red Loft

" Charlotte Alibone and Andrew Twigg have been very professional and helpful throughout this project. They have delivered on the brief, a multi-function web design for a contemporary property sales website. "

Hollie Herd, SMASH Camps

" Super easy to work with. Great ideas and always listen to our needs. "

Claus Lund, Dantherm Group

" Great people. Great company. I am a very happy camper! "

Ben Woodcock, Stubbers

" An amazing agency that truly takes the time to understand your business needs demonstrating return of investment every step of the way! "

Marco Teixeira, FedEx

" Would definitely recommend Storm Creative to any business looking to improve and grow their brand awareness. "

Ciara Phipps, Southend Museum

" I would recommend Storm Creative to anyone. Their professionalism, creativity and dedication ensures all the work they do is of an exceptionally high standard. Their creative output, ideas and services are essential to the work our museum service does, being greatly appreciated by all of our visitors. They understand our requirements, provide us with interesting and dynamic creative content and always adhere to deadlines and budgets. They are a fantastic creative agency and are an asset to any creative project. "

Amir Girnary, Southend Council

" An Excellent agency. Impressive "can - do" attitude. They were on our side from day 1 and very easy to work with. This is my second experience of working with a creative agency and I have been very impressed. Very good ideas, and clear sense of direction and a "mission focus". I would certainly recommend them. "

Mark Weston, CI Connect

" I have the highest regard for Storm and its people, the company is built on a culture of service and knowledge. An agency that can enhance your own business using its methodology and experience to help with your brand and ultimately delivering opportunities with potential customers. "

Philip Giles, Giles Wilson

" It is no understatement to say that our liaison with Storm has transformed our business. They are now integral to our business. "


" A great relationship with this Company forged over several years. Never disappointed. "

Justin Diver, Papirfly

" Friendly, innovative & capable "

Melinda Giles, Giles Wilson

" Having worked closely with Neil Heather and the team at Storm for years, I can honestly say that it is a true partnership, and that is what produces fantastic results. Their innovative approach and creative ideas are the best, and we continue to receive many compliments about our website and marketing. Cannot recommend them highly enough. "

Caroline Graves, FedEx

" Storm Creative is a great agency to work with - they have been instrumental in getting our website up and running. "

Emma Wigmore, Directions

" The team at Storm have shown a genuine interest in our company and have come up with creative, new and innovative strategies, after really going the extra mile to understand our brand and industry. They are a pleasure to work with! "

Carly Crudgington, Friend Boyden Accounts

" Superb agency, Fresh, innovative and great to work with. highly recommend. "

Sarah Cottrell, Southend Council

" I like Storm because they have a creative team, they are all exceptional in meeting clients requirements with regards to project aims and objectives. They have a modern, flexible and effective approach in being able to create website platforms which are professional and well designed. They are able to be dynamic with regards to branding options which are reflective in the Projects that we undertake, We have worked with Storm many times and will continue to so because we receive an exceptional service from the team. "

Perry Rose, Gilbert & Rose

" Different class every time, big ideas, little ideas, they're engaged and dedicated to delivering you what you want and more, so driven to produce high quality work. "

Katie Keam-George, Viasat Connect

" They delivered what they said they would and very accurately created something that not only matched our expectations but was a true reflection of the company culture and ethos. For the first time in a long while we have a strong brand identity with a grown up professional feel. "

Alan James, Dantherm Group UK

" I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn searching for new potential customers, researching what the competition is doing, and generally keeping up to speed with industry news. Prior to working with Storm, I was fairly active on LinkedIn and other social media platforms but there was no real structure to my approach, it was simply spur of the moment posts relating to things that had happened at the time. I had a strong audience but wasn't exploiting this access to market in the way that I should have been; then I was introduced to Storm. Storm spent a lot of time listening to me talk (a lot) about the industries I worked in, my thoughts and feelings about them, the industry challenges now and in the future, and then took all of this information and developed a marketing plan that maximised the impact of every post that went out on social media. They were not intrusive and didn't take control away from me, I was still free to post and control my own account, but they provided some guidance and support as to what I should and shouldn't do. I still retained my own identity, something which customers appeared to relate to, whilst Storm introduced some innovative thinking and approaches to market that freshened up my profile and introduced new ways of hitting viewers that may not have identified with the type of content I used previously. Over the course of the last 18 months, I have been interviewed on camera and over the phone to develop content, we have written articles on hot industry topics, we have created polls and developed infographics, and we have diversified our marketing away from simple product promotion. All of this has gradually changed my mindset and behavior towards marketing, and it is also influencing others in the business to do the same - the work with Storm hasn't just been a marketing activity, it is the start of a cultural shift in the way in which we sell. "

Jade Timms, Friend Boyden Accountancy

" We work very closely with Storm and everyone who works there always delivers a very friendly and professional service. The creative and design work is always of a very high standard, we would highly recommend them. "

Steve Schreiber, Generational Equity

" Only Likes! A very diligent and humble agency! Trustworthy!!! "

Philip Cooksley, Friend Boyden

" We have worked with Storm for over 10 years and their professional and knowledgeable team have always helped us to ensure our branding and website reflects our business core values. If you are looking to grow or move your business forward, Storm are the ideal partner to help you achieve this, they have certainly helped us over the past 10 years. "

Terry Johnson, Generational Group

" Storm is different. In a good way. Committed to client long-term success, with a fresh, innovative partner approach. They challenge the norm and strive for excellence in all things. I have great respect for everyone in the entire organization. They have a great culture. It's been said that "culture eats strategy for lunch" and Storm is a good example of that. People always make the difference and the people at Storm are difference makers...not just in our business, but in our life. We are blessed to work with them. "

Sally Wotton, FSI

" We have no regret in the decision we took a few years ago to sign-up Storm 'lock stock' for our agency needs. They are now under the skin of our operation, know what works for us and our industry, and know the challenges and our 'we need it yesterday' timescales. "