Video Conferencing - done right!

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Video Conferencing, the right way.

Video conferencing is an easy and effective way to conduct meetings. But as a full-service marketing agency with many clients, we needed better systems for video conference rooms - we found a great company and a great solution in CI Connect, and I wanted to share our experience and our set up.


With our team members on both sides of these exchanges taking notes during VC sessions, we needed systems that would allow us the highest level of visual and verbal communication available - without sacrificing either one! 


Clarity was, and is, paramount.


Echoes in the ‘Bowie’ room.

Glass walls mean extensive echo. Holding international VC meetings, accents coupled with echo, were a problem. We didn’t want non-aesthetic sound buffers or curtains, so we employed a Poly Zoom Room solution, control panel, Shure wireless boundary mics and a sound bar system, all running through a digital sound processor. The result? A perfect video conference experience, zero echo and absolutely no cosmetic change to the room.


Open plan flexibility in the red room

Our secondary meeting area is semi open-plan. It is used for both morning and adhoc briefing meetings and video conferences. Despite the semi open-plan nature, echo and noise were not issues. So for this solution, we installed another Poly Zoom Room system with control panel - no need for additional mics or sound processing - the Poly unit does it all. A simple uniform solution that the whole agency is trained to use.


It’s movie time!

Finally, we also undertook a technology upgrade in our cinema area. We removed the tired old projector system and replaced it with an LG 86’’ Ultra HD display. The vivid colours and fine details are perfect for text presentations and the display is also equipped with wireless solutions. We managed to utilise the existing legacy cinema system for a cost effective yet high-impact commercial improvement.


The final result?

Clients now experience exceptional VC meetings with total clarity - we’ve saved hours and increased profitability. An excellent investment.