11 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Google Ads

Online Advertising

Trying to manage your own Google Ads account can be overwhelming, the multiple campaign types, bidding options and targeting methods is enough to intimidate anyone who wants to manage their own campaigns.

As a Google Premier Partner with over 19 years Digital Marketing experience working primarily with SMEs across all sectors, we understand the importance of maximising your Return on Ad Spend to give your business a platform for growth.

From Target CPA Bidding to Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Google Ads can be a minefield of buzzwords that can be daunting to those not familiar with daily management of the platform. At SQ Digital, we believe in “Demystifying Digital” for our clients, translating these terms into marketing that performs. We’re here to share our 11 tips for creating, analysing and optimising your Google Ads campaigns.

These tips include:

- Ensuring a healthy account structure
- Making a good first impression
- Capitalise on your current audience & customer base
- Making decisions based on metrics that matter to you

If Google’s got you bewildered or you’re looking to get more performance out of your campaign, check out our top 11 tips to help your business succeed.