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Spinnaker launches new HiPP Organic 'Moments' digital and print campaign

2nd August 2015

HiPP Organic has been helping mums who strive to raise happy, healthy babies for over a century. Family run, their always organic, always natural approach has instilled confidence in parents during what can be a challenging time.

The new digital and print campaign devised by Spinnaker will focus on HiPP Organic helping mums to enjoy those precious moments that raising a child can bring. The moments that matter to her - getting the baby to sleep, overcoming fussy eating, introducing new ingredients and a whole lot more.

Spinnaker has set out with a campaign using human insight to connect and introduce HiPP as a mother’s trusted source of information and support. Whether it’s through brand advertising, website, through our social community, products or, brand and media partnerships, HiPP Organic is here to help mum be successful and to bring those breakthrough moments closer.

Says Robert Goldsmith, Founding Partner of Spinnaker “HiPP Organic is such a strong and trusted brand within the baby foods and milks category. There is plenty to build on so it is very exciting to take the brand to the next level with a new positioning that will engage and involve mums across all channels from advertising to social.”

Says John Allaway, UK General Manager HiPP Organic “We have done a lot of work with Spinnaker in the development of a new positioning for the brand in the UK. We know how important it is to develop emotional engagement with mums and we are very excited about how our new Moments campaign is going to enable both a connection and conversation.”

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