Somo asks One Question: Event summary

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Our Somo asks One Question event in February explored the question ‘how do we design products for people and profit?’. Our expert speakers debated the one question from three different perspectives; brand, health and innovation.

The brand panel chaired by Founder of One Question, Sarah Parsonage heard from Lisa Hogg, former Director of Marketing and Giving at TOMS and Craig Hepburn, Head of Digital Transformation at UEFA; discussing short-termism and how to connect consumers with the brand’s purpose when it comes to product.

Somo's Chief Strategy Officer, Ross Sleight led the health perspective in conversation with Milan Bates MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Bristol Royal Infirmary and Ben Ryan, Director of Glaze Prosthetics. They shared examples of how co-creation with users has helped them to create truly purposeful businesses and products. 

The overarching debate was brought to a close with the innovation perspective lead by James Scroggs, chairman of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) in conversation with Katie Vanneck-Smith, Co-founder of Tortoise Media and brand innovator, Matt Hart; who agreed that 'innovation 100% starts with people', but we need to question whether we always need to innovate with speed.

To read more insights from the debate, head over to the Somo blog: