2020: A great time to think BIG

As we head into another year of economic uncertainty and continue to feel the pressures of our VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), now might not feel like quite the right time to set up or scale up your business. However, you would be in great company if you do choose 2020 to think big! In fact, many globally renowned businesses including Disney, IBM, Microsoft and Burger King founded their success during recessions or economic turbulence.


Here at Something Big we’re going to make 2020 a BIG year, so to kick start our year's blogs we're sharing some of our tips for thinking BIGGER and growing your business.


#1 Brand, Brand, Brand

We obviously believe in the importance of your brand. Your brand speaks for you and it’s the first impression your prospect customers get of you. This is especially important with the growing online research performed by your prospect customers, who will have reviewed your website, social channels and sought-after reviews, before making any contact with your business directly. If you’re looking to grow and evolve your business, it’s absolutely critical that you position your brand in line with the business you’re aspiring to be, not the business you were in the past. A great example of this is ramsac, a successful IT support and managed services business. Over 16 years ramsac had successfully grown and evolved in line with the IT industry but their brand did not reflect that. We worked with them to refresh their visual identity and positioning helping to lay the foundations in place for their continued growth.


#2 Putting the word out there

Once you’re happy that you’ve positioned your business for growth, don’t be shy - make sure you’re putting the word out there. In today’s social and online world there are a plethora of opportunities for you to share your story. Be careful not to get lost in a fog of social media channels though; lay out a clear content strategy, to get ‘under the skin’ of your target audience, understanding their needs and delivering your key messages. This can be achieved by carefully choosing your primary channels and planning for sustained success.


#3 To stand out you need to stand for something

Purpose has never been more important than it is in today’s brand saturated environment. In order to be the most successful brand it is essential to be clear about what you stand for and why. Iconic example Dove excels in a competitive beauty industry by advocating real beauty; it is living proof of how powerful it can be to embrace diversity. The great news is, making a mark doesn’t have to cost the earth. We worked with environmental consultants, Thomson, to help them take a stand on innovation.


#4 Phone a friend

If you have decided it’s time to think BIG and grow your business, you’ll find that it’s a well-trodden path, so there’s no need to break new ground on your own. We have worked with several ambitious, high growth businesses, so don’t be shy and ask us for help.

Alternatively, organisations like The Scale Up Institute or your Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) will help support you as you grow. They can introduce you to other businesses who have already successfully trodden the path ahead of you to offer additional guidance and support through your journey.


#5 Be audacious  

Think about what you feel you’re capable of and then add a bit more - you’re likely to be selling yourself short! A great technique is to describe the business you aspire to be, in detail, from the services you offer to the customers you sell to, the staff you employ to the commercial results. The more you visualise it, the more likely you are to drive yourself towards it. The most successful businesses are those who dream really big, with Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG)


If you are ready to dream BIG in 2020, why not give us a shout and let us help you make your big, hairy audacious goals come true.