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Is a Podcast right for your business? 


More than just a lockdown fad


In 2020, the world of podcasting experienced an astonishing 202.33% rise in the number of podcasts available. I imagine this was definitely attributed to the unexpected message we were given on March 25 - “Stay at Home”. With more time spent indoors, many of us found solace in exploring new hobbies, and evidently, launching a podcast seemed like a fitting endeavour. Who could have guessed that a year marked by Zoom calls and hoarding toilet rolls would also witness a wave of audio enthusiasts storming the podcasting scene?

While it is amusing to think that having more time on our hands propelled the podcast industry, it is equally remarkable to note that even as life slowly returned to some normality, podcasting hasn’t lost its momentum. With 25% of UK adults listening to podcasts on a regular basis creating, sharing, and connecting through spoken word has proven to be more than a lockdown fad (unlike banana bread). 

One of the primary reasons podcasts have gained traction is their ability to connect deeply with audiences. Unlike written content, podcasts allow listeners to hear the speaker's tone, emotions, and personality, fostering a sense of connection and trust. For businesses, this means the opportunity to engage with their target audience on a more personal level.


How do you decide if podcasting is right for you and your business: 


Amplify your Authority: Launching a podcast establishes your brand as an industry authority. Sharing your insights boosts credibility, making listeners trust your authenticity.

Human Touch: Podcasts humanise a brand giving an insight into the faces behind the business. Sharing stories of challenges and triumphs makes you more relatable and makes the listener feel a part of your journey.

Break Boundaries: Podcasts break geographical boundaries. With the internet offering global accessibility, your podcast can reach listeners far beyond your local area. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to expand their market reach or enter new markets.

Content Jungle: The podcasting landscape is bustling with Spotify recording over 3.2 million podcasts your content needs to be unique and valuable.

Newbie Hurdle: Not only does your content need to be captivating but you also need to navigate technicalities like crisp audio and avoid your podcast sounding like a robot humming a lullaby. 


Become the star of your own show 


As your business navigates the ever-changing marketing landscape, the question of whether to start a podcast becomes all the more relevant. The resilience of podcasts in the face of shifting routines highlights their potential as a valuable addition to your business strategy. 

Whether you’re donning pyjamas or a power suit, the podcasting mic is open for your business’ voice to be heard.