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Teletext Holidays

Timeframe: Present

Working with Teletext holidays on PPC and SEO for their online campaigns

Purple Parking

Timeframe: Past

Helping build engagement and drive bookings through PPC and SEO

Holiday Extras

Timeframe: Present What do they offer? Holiday Extras are well known for their airport hotel and car parking products but they also provide short break packages, including London theatre breaks and theme park breaks in the UK. The brief The Short Breaks team tasked Sleeping Giant Media with increasing relevant traffic to their landing pages through PPC campaigns. The team want to achieve as many sales as possible, at the right cost per conversion, with their booking volume targets in mind at all times. What we have delivered We manage the PPC campaigns and provide SEO consultancy. The channels we manage are very valuable to Holiday Extras because they account for about 30 to 40% of their total marketing mix. We have been working with Holiday Extras for the last three years. We have a weekly catch up, which is beneficial to both parties. We also receive weekly reports that mean we can manage their PPC accounts in minute detail to achieve maximum ROI. What they say about us The CEO of Short Break, Simon Hagger has said that we are "The full package" - See more at:

South West Trains

Timeframe: Past

Research, planning and creation of functional and creative content for their new website

Kent Messenger Group

Timeframe: Present

Working with the local Newspaper group to offer PPC advertising packages to their advertisers and clients


Timeframe: Present What they offer created a new concept in courier and delivery services, a powerful tool to redefine the transportation industry and enhance the shared experiences of transport provider and consumer. The customer lists free what, when and where an item needs moving. The transport company will compete for the job by bidding. The customer can then ask questions, and, based on price and user reviews, decide whether or not to accept the bid. Every aspect of the service centres on giving the customer value for money, while enabling the transport providers to fill their vans and combine loads more effectively. The brief A completely new market proposition launched into a crowded and hyper competitive market sector. Sleeping Giant Media have worked successfully with to build awareness and profitability, of both the brand and proposition over a number of years. What they think "From the moment we started working with them, we could not speak more highly of Sleeping Giant Media. Conversion rate is a vital measure for any business and these guys have increased ours by 400% since launch. What we admire most is their hands-on approach to any task or targets we set. We even see SGM as part of the team!" A.E. MD ANYVAN - See more at:

Boon Edam

Timeframe: Present

Working across Boon Edam's multi-national sites to create a Full SEO strategy an content creation


Timeframe: Present The brief Sleeping Giant Media have been working with Aquaread because they wanted to market the company so that more potential consumers are aware of their products and then ask for them via the distributors. Rather than selling direct to customers Aquaread supply their water quality testing equipment to distributors based all over the world. We have been working with Aquaread to increase their brand awareness by improving their ranking on search engine result pages, sending more traffic their way and ultimately generating leads. What do they offer? Aquaread are an award-winning company based in the South East of England. They produce state-of-the-art water quality testing equipment that is designed and manufactured in Britain. They have been manufacturing highly specialist, multiparameter water quality test equipment, primarily for use in the field, since 2009. The devices measure properties of water, such as pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen levels. Water quality is monitored, amongst other reasons, to check for possible pollutants and for changes in the ecosystem in the body of water, which can have devastating consequences. The target consumers are environmental monitoring groups, waste water processing plants, environmental research bodies and anyone else who might need to monitor water quality. What have we provided? Our Aquaread marketing work has shown some impressive results. SEO traffic is up 50% year on year, unique visitors are up 90% and around 3% of traffic is converting into leads. We delivered these results by providing SEO and PPC. As part of this we set up tracking and goals to ensure that we are monitoring the impact of our work. The Aquaread marketing campaign is not restricted to the UK, we have also provided PPC in Germany and Australia. What they think of us "Our relationship has grown rapidly and we can see a massive return on our investment." - Craig Harrison, Aquaread MD - See more at:

Benenden Hospital Trust

Timeframe: Present The Brief Sleeping Giant Media were tasked with utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase enquiries and patient numbers by recognising that increasing numbers of potential clients are conducting their research, selection and purchase of medical services online. What they offer Benenden Hospital is an award-winning private hospital located in the heart of rural Kent. Their ultra-clean, modern facility serves the local community and further afield. The hospital used to exclusively treat Benenden Health members but is now welcoming those self-funding their treatment as well as patients from NHS Choose and Book scheme. The Benenden Hospital Trust also offer Benenden Fertility Centre, which provides IVF and other fertility services. What we've delivered We used data from their existing PPC campaign and their onsite performance metrics to identify which keywords the SEO campaign should focus on. Sleeping Giant have helped the internal marketing team to put a value on specific on and offline marketing activities, evolved an outreach strategy that grows Benenden's backlink portfolio and brand awareness, and ensured that the latest search strategy and best practice is used. Our SEO activities have improved the ranking of the site on search engine result pages, increased conversion and both levels and quality of overall traffic to the website. To give an example of results on the Benenden Fertility account particularly, when we compare the period of July to December 2011 to the same period in 2012, we can see a 56.92% increase in year on year overall SEO traffic. For the same period, there has been a 278% increase in non-branded SEO traffic and a 159% increase in organic goal conversions. What they think "SGM are a dynamic team providing a high quality service and up to date, comprehensive approach to SEO. We are showing improving rankings and traffic levels and we aim to continue, improve and maintain inline with our SEO strategy. As the websites are developed we will collaborate with SGM in deploying current SEO processes to achieve improving results and conversion rates." Marketing Manager, Benenden Hospital - See more at:

Hobbs Parker

Timeframe: Past What they offer The Hobbs Parker Group was established in 1850, based in Ashford, Kent. The largest Independent firm of Chartered Surveyors in Kent, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Valuers and Business Telephone Systems & IT Services Suppliers. Hobbs Parker specialise in providing professional, marketing and auction services to the agricultural, rural and business communities throughout the South East. The brief Hobbs Parker is a familiar and well respected name to the people within the auction and property markets throughout Kent. Reaching out to new customers and remaining at the forefront of their specialist activities has required a focussed online investment. Sleeping Giant Media have worked alongside Hobbs Parker to ensure that they appear on core search terms, maximising their online visibility and improving the conversion rate throughout the site. - See more at:

M&J Seafood

Timeframe: Present What they offer M&J Seafood is the largest independent wholesale seafood supplier in the UK, and is a member of the Brakes Group; Europe's largest foodservice business. With a large selection of frozen and chilled seafood, and branches across the UK, the company supplies a varied customer base and offers a first class local service to 12,000 chefs nationwide. The brief Sleeping Giant Media have worked along side MJ Seafood to develop a hugely successful social media campaign. The activity has focused on developing and evolving a Twitter presence in order to help build awareness of the Catch of the Day offered by MJ Seafood. This has lead to a huge following and a large number of direct sales via Twitter. There is plenty more that we are working on with MJ and looking forward to exploring new channels with them. What they think of us "SGM's proactive approach to digital marketing is exactly what M&J Seafood is looking for. SGM is an important partner in our digital marketing strategy, we trust their judgement implicitly and they are always on hand to advise us, going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service at all levels" Claire Twiss, Marketing Manage - See more at:

Morgan Jones

Timeframe: Past The brief Our brief was to make use of search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase the number of job hunters using the Morgan Jones website to find vacancies. The aim of SEO is to improve the ranking of a website, which increases the the visitors that the site will receive. The more relevant visitors the website receives, the more people will use the site to search for jobs. What they offer Morgan Jones are a recruitment agency that focuses on multi-sector vacancies, both temporary and permanent, in Kent, London and the South East. The company have offices in both Broadstairs, Kent and London. What we delivered We started the SEO campaign with a PPC pilot to ensure that the focus was on the keywords that job hunters are actively searching for and that would draw the highest traffic. After completing an in depth SEO audit of the Morgan Jones site, we made recommendations to them with regard to both on and off page factors. Once Morgan Jones implemented our best practice recommendations we could see a very positive impact within a short space of time, after six months their organic traffic had seen a giant 251% increase. Average visit duration was up by 16% and we also saw a 15% increase in new visitors to the site. We also suggested that they create additional content for the site and assisted them with a move over to the WordPress CMS that allows Morgan Jones to edit and update the content themselves. This is particularly of importance following the algorithm updates of the last couple of years. What they think Morgan Jones managing director, Jonathan Clarke, said: "My company has experienced a significant positive lift in obtaining new leads and opportunities with the help of Sleeping Giant Media. Morgan Jones has extensively improved it's website exposure since introducing optimisation methods thereby ensuring our business is at the forefront of internet searches." - See more at:

Nova - Inspiring Events

Timeframe: Present What they offer Nova run a number of mass participation sporting events around the UK, including The National Lottery Anniversary Run, Great Runs, Great Swims and Great CityGames. These events are designed to attract people of all ages and abilities; anyone can take part. Many of the events encourage participants to raise money for charity. The brief Sleeping Giant Media have been asked to build brand awareness, as well as extending exposure and increasing registrations for some of the smaller and less well-known events, through social media and PPC. In addition, we were tasked with managing the social activity for the National Lottery Anniversary Run that Nova are running, which included setting up the social profiles. What we've delivered We started with analysis of social activity on a previous event to understand which sort of posts were the most popular and delivered the most engagement. We have used this information together with our understanding of Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm to develop follow and content strategies for both Facebook and Twitter. We have developed Nova's escalation processes and assisted them with the implementation of our other strategies. We have used PPC advertising on both Google AdWords and Facebook to increase brand exposure, and in the case of Facebook, encourage likes for the page. In the first 1.5 months of running the social for the National Lottery Anniversary Run we gained nearly 4,000 Facebook Likes and over 1,200 Twitter Followers. We have logged a high level of engagement and positive feedback from the community, who are friendly and helpful towards each other, which creates positive foundations for future events. - See more at:

Select Specs

Timeframe: Present The brief SelectSpecs have been working with Sleeping Giant Media since July 2012. They came to us with a brief to increase relevant site traffic, conversions and revenues, while reducing initial PPC costs and improving the cost per order. We manage the PPC account for the SelectSpecs site in the UK and we do the SEO for their German site, Omnioptics. We have also just started SEO outreach for their US SelectSpecs site. What they offer SelectSpecs are an e-commerce site that offers cheap prescription glasses and sunglasses. Their range is very comprehensive and includes many famous designer labels, all available at a fraction of the price you would pay at a high street optician. They trade both in the UK and internationally. What we've delivered We restructured their PPC account to make their budget go further by creating more targeted campaigns with specific keywords. We also utilise responsive bid management and targeted ad copy, which has improved the ad quality score and reduced the click cost. With regards to SEO we suggested a range of SEO best practices to implement, such as site structure and some on-page changes. Blogger outreach has formed a large part of our SEO strategy and it's having a positive result for the client. The Omnioptics site has seen visits increase by 82% and revenue is up 146%. The SelectSpecs (UK) PPC conversion rate is up 204% and we have seen a 74% decrease in cost per conversion. (These figures relate to February 2013 vs. July 2012 for Omnioptics and February 2013 vs. February 2012 for SelectSpecs.) - See more at:

Shepherd Neame

Timeframe: Present What they offer Shepherd Neame is Britain's oldest brewer. Based in Faversham, Kent, the brewery has been in operation since 1698 and operates 350 pubs across London and the South East. They brew traditional Kentish real ales and a variety of international brand lagers under licence. Some of their well-known beer brands are Spitfire, Bishops Finger and Asahi. The brief Shepherd Neame asked Sleeping Giant Media to set up and run the YouTube activity surrounding their new video ad campaign for Spitfire. The ads featured British comics Armstrong and Miller and were designed by Shepherd Neame to increase visits to their website, raise brand awareness and encourage the public to create their own commercials. We edited the videos to increase viewer interactions and engagement. Once the videos were live, we ran pay per click using AdWords for Video. What they think "Sleeping Giant Media are a highly professional agency with fantastic customer service. They implemented, streamlined and managed this campaign very well and we are extremely pleased with the results" Polly Wann, Digital Manager - Shepherd Neame Ltd - See more at:

Spicers of Hythe

Timeframe: Present What do they offer? Spicers of Hythe sell a wide range of hampers filled with hand-picked food and drink. The 'hampers of distinction' make ideal gifts for all occasions. Spicers is a family-run business that has grown from a grocer's in Hythe High Street, which opened in 1926, to a major operation that has the capacity to put together and deliver 100,000 hampers each Christmas. The brief When Spicers first came to us, they were just building their new website. We provided recommendations including SEO best practice, site structure and content advice. Once the site was live, we helped Spicers to ensure that their busiest time of year, Christmas, was a success. Now we are implementing a long-term, integrated campaign that encompasses SEO, content, social media and PPC. What we have delivered We have seen very positive results. Our SEO work has improved keyword ranking across the site, including securing some of the top spots for a number of key terms. The improved rankings have driven more relevant traffic to the site, increased the average basket value and raised the revenue by 32% YOY. Our PPC activity has seen the average basket value increase by 184% YOY, and we've increased the PPC revenue by 1682%. With regards to our social activity, we've seen a constant growth of social media engagement, which has been propelled by competitions that we have run. One of the platforms we are working on is Facebook. The Spicers page has increased from 61 likes when we first took it on, to over 1,180 now. What they say about us "Social Media and SEO always seemed so diverse and overly complicated until we started working with SGM. With their patient explanations, detailed reporting and never ending enthusiasm we are now boosting sales, increasing brand awareness and hopefully now challenging our competitors" - Ian Spicer - See more at:

Tots To Travel

Timeframe: Past What they offer Tots to Travel are a specialist holiday accommodation provider. All their luxury accommodation in the UK, France, Portugal, Spain and the Canaries is visited and inspected to ensure that it is suitable for parents travelling with children under the age of 5. For example, if the property comes with a swimming pool it must be enclosed. Additionally, the holiday homes all come with a comprehensive inventory of equipment that families need, such as bottle warmers, highchairs, baby baths, baby monitors, etc. The brief Tots to Travel came to Sleeping Giant Media to help restore their position on search engine result pages after they were negatively affected by an algorithm update. They had some restorative action taken but SEO had not been a major priority for a while. With the seasonal booking period looming Tots to Travel wanted to improve their rankings so that they could capture the traffic. This initial brief has evolved into a long term goal. What we've delivered We have provided Tots to Travel with recommendations for improving their on-page and off-page SEO following an in-depth site audit. We also manage PPC campaigns for Tots to Travel. Initially we used a PPC pilot to steer our SEO efforts, now we are using PPC for direct response, for which we've begun to see ROI. Our post-Penguin 2.0 algorithm positions are strong and most of the groundwork is now complete, we are now poised to implement the recommendations that are likely to drive the results. What they think "Sleeping Giant Media has provided with the much needed strategic guidance and implementation to take our SEO strategy forward. We are in the furiously competitive travel sector so their knowledge and advice has to be on the button, and it is. I feel that our SEO is in safe hands!" Tots to Travel's founder and director, Wendy Shand - See more at:


Timeframe: Present What do they offer? Bestinvest is an investment group that provides a broad range of financial services to its private clients. The company was established in 1986 and has won many awards. The brief When we first started working with Bestinvest back in 2012, we were focused on PPC activity on the self-invested pension plan (SIPP) product. The brief was to generate more business and improve their ROI. Since then, the PPC account has much greater breadth and covers many more services. We are also working with Bestinvest on social media and SEO activity. What we have delivered We manage the PPC activity and ensure it is optimised daily to improve cost per click, traffic levels, ROI and other variables. Reports are created weekly so that Bestinvest are kept fully in the loop with our activities and the spending on their account. With regards to SEO, positions are monitored for over 600 individual keywords using Advanced Web Ranking software. We have created a content and audience engagement plan that suggests a number of content ideas to be implemented and outlines an outreach strategy. Sleeping Giant Media has increased paid search traffic by 145% YoY (May 2012 - May 2013 vs May 2013 - May 2014). In the same period, we have seen an increase in visitors from non-paid search traffic of 42% YoY. What they say about us "We have worked closely with Sleeping Giant Media since 2012, where they have proven themselves to be one of our key strategic partners in increasing traffic and leads to Bestinvest. The team at Sleeping Giant Media are proactive and attentive. We initially began working with Sleeping Giant Media on PPC and having seen the return from this work we decided to move our SEO and social activity to the team as well." Mark Welfare, Head of Digital at Bestinvest