The Best 40 AI Tools for Marketing

Whether we’re ready for it or not, the AI revolution is coming.  We want to help businesses start their AI journey by providing a list of the best tools we’ve come across so far across the following areas: 

  • AI Chat Engines
  • Content/Copywriting
  • Image & Creative Generation
  • Video & Podcasts
  • Productivity & More


In our recent blog post, we categorise and highlight the top 40 AI tools that are shaping the future of marketing. 

Here's an overview, perfect for agencies and professionals keen to explore AI:

AI Chat Engines
Essential for simulating human-like conversations, these tools are ideal for customer service automation and personal assistants. 

ChatGPTFree / £20 a monthAI chatbot for human-like conversations, with personalised, adaptive communication features.
PoeFree / £19.99 a monthQuora's service offering multiple chatbots for conversational language interactions.
Bing ChatFreeMicrosoft's AI chatbot integrated with Bing, offering content writing and multilingual communication.
Google BardFreeExperimental Google AI for creative, conversational responses using extensive datasets.
PerplexityFree / £20 a monthAI-powered search engine with source-verified answers and multilingual voice search capabilities.

Content and copywriting tools powered by AI are designed to assist in creating written material for a variety of marketing purposes.

TomeFree / $8 a monthAI-based app for creating and accessing engaging stories and presentations.
Copy.aiFree / $36 a monthOpenAI's GPT-3 based tool for generating various copywriting forms.
Craftly.aiFree Trial / $29 a monthCustom LLM copywriting tool adapting to personal writing styles.
JasperFree Trial / $39 a monthAI writing tool for marketing copy and automated customer service interactions.
AnywordFree Trial / $39 a monthAI-powered writing platform offering NLP and predictive analytics for varied content.
GrammarlyFree / £10 a monthCloud-based writing assistant for better English grammar and spelling.
Scalenut$39 a monthAI content creation tool focusing on SEO and comprehensive content strategies.

Image & Creative Generation
Image and creative generation tools use AI to produce visual content. These can range from automatically generated images to enhancements of existing photographs.

Midjourney$10 a monthAI tool that turns creative ideas into reality using text prompts.
ClipdropFree / £8 a monthTools for image generation and editing, includes AR features.
Bing Image CreatorFreeMicrosoft's AI tool for generating images from text prompts.
DALL·E 2Free / cost per packGenerates digital images from prompts, developed by OpenAI.
BlueWillowFreeAI generator for logos, graphics, and scenes using text prompts.
CanvaFree / £99 a yearOnline graphic design tool with AI-enhanced features.
AbyssaleFree / Subscription Tiers AvailableInnovative banner automation platform using AI, streamlining ad creation with dynamic templates
Stable DiffusionFree / Optional DonationsAI model for image generation, excels in creating detailed artwork and transformations


Video and podcasts 

AI tools for video and podcasts can automate aspects of production, transcription, and even content creation.

Instant Video Creator$24 a monthTransforms blog articles into videos with various voiceovers.
FlikiFree / $28 a monthText-to-speech software for audio/video voiceovers, summarises content, finds visuals.
DescriptFree / $12 a monthVideo and podcast editor with multitrack production and overdub feature.
HeyGenFree / $29 a monthVideo creation with language translation, lip-syncing, and voice cloning.
RunwayFree / $12 a monthVideo editing software with over 30 ‘magic tools’ and real-time interactivity.
Synthesia$30 a monthAI-generated videos from text with customisable avatars in over 120 languages.
PictoryFree Trial / $19 a monthConverts long-form content into social media videos, script-to-video conversion.
PodcastleFree / $15 a monthAI podcast creation tool with audio editing, recording, and converting text to podcasts.
Design Beast$49 one-time feeComprehensive design suite with AI-powered tools for logos, animations, and visual content creation.


Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a data-driven approach where advertisers pay for tangible results like clicks, sales, or leads, ensuring accountability in their ad spend.

NamePriceDescription$5,000 per monthAdvertising platform for budget management, audit checks, and real-time ad performance.
Surfer$29 - $2,378 (per article to 100 articles)Cloud-based AI tool for SEO content planning, writing, and optimization.
AdCreative.Ai$29 - $399 per monthAI tool for quick social media ad generation with scalable ad creation features.
Sales Ape$500 per monthAI sales assistant offering conversational chatbot capabilities and real-time customer interaction analysis.
SEMrushStarts at $125 per monthAll-in-one marketing tool for SEO, content marketing, social media management, and competitor analysis.



Productivity tools using AI encompass a broad range of applications that help improve efficiency in various marketing tasks. These can include email automation, scheduling, data analysis, and project management.

CirclebackFree Trial / $25 a monthAn automated meeting notes tool for online meetings with transcription and follow-up actions.
ClaudeFree / $20 per monthNext-generation AI assistant for various tasks, featuring Constitutional AI and data retention.
SaneBoxStarting from $7 a monthEmail management software filtering unimportant emails, compatible with all email providers.
MailbutlerStarting at $4.95 a monthAI-powered email extension for task automation, scheduling, and creating personalised templates.
FirefliesFree / $10 a monthAI-powered assistant for transcribing, summarising, and analysing voice conversations.
FuturepediaFreeA hub for AI enthusiasts with a directory of tools and free resources.

We hope you found this overview of the top 40 AI tools for marketing useful. If you're interested in a more detailed breakdown of these tools and how they can benefit your business, we invite you to visit our website and read the full blog post. 

It's a comprehensive resource for agencies and professionals looking to explore AI's potential in various marketing areas. Thank you for taking the time to explore the AI revolution with us, and we look forward to providing you with more valuable insights in the future.