Susanne Romanowski, Olympus

" We had a fantastic event whatelse can I say beside THANK YOU and being patient with us! "

Robert Hof, Boehringer Ingelheim

" I love working with People Activation! A highly professional organization when it comes to the whole breadth of topics around any kind of event, be it face-to-face, hybrid or virtual. No matter how difficult or last minute the request was, they have always come through for us and delivered above expectations. A lovely team to work with! "

Nicole Rapior, Boehringer Ingelheim

" We had a great event that resulted in what we've been aiming for. It wouldn't have been possible without People Activation support, especially with their flexibility, knowledge and ideas to find solutions fast. "

Yasmin Ben Josef, Boehringer Ingelheim

" I have been working with PeopelActivation all though the COVID unprecedent times. They acted as true partners with high commitment to deliver us the best business outcome. They brought a new fresh and creative mindset that was tailored and continuously adopted to our company DNA. They were not shy to challenge what we really really need and not only what we think we need. In these time of separation and uncertainty they help me to shape a strong sense of identity and cultivate a clear strategy and purpose-driven culture. "

Victoria Hunter, Bayer

" I absolutely love their efficiency, their personal approach and how fantastic they all are at what they do! They are an absolute pleasure to work with and really add so much value to our conferences - we wouldn't achieve half as much without them. "

Sam Deacon, Bayer

" Chris & the team at People Activation have always helped us to deliver sales conferences which meet the needs of the business in a format and style which engages & motivates our sales teams. Always a pleasure to work with. "

Sim Virdi, Astellas EST-C

" Great agency to work with, on time and budget and always bringing new ideas to the table "