Neal Skilling (Digital Production)

Neal Skilling


Neal took the traditional route into the digital world... through finance and then astrophysics. Spending a large proportion of his time fielding ridiculous questions from his friends, such as “how tall would a slide need to be if it was to get you from Hastings to Rochester in 15 minutes?”, he discovered he had excellent analytical and problem solving skills. He now applies these skills to great effect as the link between the creative and development teams at Open Water. When working with our designers, he points out the potential issues that can arise with trying to realise certain design elements digitally, drawing on his experience of building websites for a number of his own clients. When with our developers he can speak fluent html, CSS and JS to ensure that the integrity of the design remains intact if something has to be changed. These two sides to Neal’s role ensure a smoother working process for everyone in the studio as well as giving our clients a point of contact who can use his broad experience to solve all of their digital problems.