Kevin Taylor (Brand Identity Consultant)

Kevin Taylor


Kevin is an experienced branding consultant who has worked with some of the world's largest brands including Absolut, Bosch, Danone, KFC, Lotus and Vodafone. Specialising in brand naming, Kevin is used to seeing branding through from concept, development, launch, and beyond, and loves the challenges that every phase can throw up. He enjoys nothing more than exploring projects from every angle and seeking out new perspectives to help clients solve previously insurmountable problems. Strategy, architecture, naming, testing and research are all areas in which he excels in working with clients to give tangible results and a true understanding of their brand.

Unusually for a branding consultant, Kevin started out his career studying Artificial Intelligence but decided that given the choice between creating our eventual robot overlords or mis-spelling words for a living he would rather go with the latter as it was much less restrictive.  Ultimately he ended up as a naming consultant for Nomen UK, part of the Nomen Group who are one of the world’s leading brand naming consultancies. Following his time at Nomen UK he embarked upon a successful freelance career where he jumped at the chance to work with a diverse range of companies, offering a fuller range of branding services and delving deeply into the issues that affect them. Kevin and Open Water began their relationship in 2012, working together on a number of successful projects and after finding that their skills and philosophies on branding complemented each other so well, decided to join forces on a more full time basis in 2015.

Kevin has fulfilled two of his dream project goals recently when he worked with a large supermarket chain and with one of the world's biggest car brands, but he still dreams about working with more sporting brands and would love to work alongside a client on an international sporting event. As someone who is happier on water than on land Kevin has ambitions of working with a company on any kind of boat building or water sport project. Perhaps his biggest dream in branding though is to work with Wimpy Restaurants in the UK, the first brand he fell in love with as a kid.