Fiona Hansen (Director)

Fiona Hansen


As a Director at Open Water, Fiona’s focus is on the running of the business. Her skills lie in business strategy and HR as well as covering the finance role. As one of the founding directors she has helped Open Water to grow consistently since it’s inception, helping set vision for the business and the strategy to fulfil it. Bringing experience in HR, recruitment and community leadership from other roles outside of Open Water she adds a balance to the creative elements of the studio by looking at the processes and people associated with Open Water. Lending a hand where needed as a sounding board or chief tea maker, she also brings a female perspective to the studio. 

Although Fiona has no formal design training, having been in and around the industry for 15 years she has developed a good eye for design and a passion for the transformational power in branding. She describes branding as the hub of a wheel, the centre point from which everything else radiates, creating the balanced centre of the movement of any product or business.

Fiona enjoys seeing a project from its infancy, through to the transformation of its end product. The collection of all parts forming something unique and personal, the combination of creativity and clear strategy. Although her own creativity is expressed more comfortably at home in front of a sewing machine.