Rachel Wassall, Young Driver

" Communication with the Nonsensical team has been great! The work that's been produced is creative and of a high standard. The team have worked flexibly during Covid and have met all of our expectations. I definitely recommend working with Nonsensical, you won't regret it! "

Chris Bramston, Uber Eats

" We've worked with Nonsensical via their Best of Bristol brand for the best part of a year. We recognised their unparalleled reach to Eaters and their authenticity as champions of Bristol's independent restaurants. Throughout, the team have been super responsive and 'clicked' instantly with what we're aiming to achieve in the city. Would recommend them wholeheartedly! "

Daniel Bridgewater, Buckt

" What I liked about Updates Media: - They helped us achieve sales. Our subscriber numbers for our new product grew by 1023%, and our overall numbers grew by 189%. The most important goal for the campaign, and they achieved it. - They genuinely seemed to care about the success of the campaign. Our relationship was partly driven by commission, which I think says a lot about the mindset of the brand and the confidence that they have; if they don't succeed, they don't make as much money. I had tried to find someone who was willing to take such an approach, and when Updates Media proposed it, it was a clear sign that they wanted to be a 'partner' and not just an 'agency that we were working with'. - They knew their stuff. How to reduce CPA, how to get the numbers up, who to target, what creative to include. They gave me confidence that they could succeed. - Their approach was holistic. They took responsibility for the conversion optimisation, and helped redesign our landing pages. They then linked this back to the ads that they were running. It links back to the point I mentioned above: they genuinely seemed to care in the success of the campaign, and went the extra mile to make it work. - There was no minimum commitment. This was a critical thing for me and I found it refreshing that Updated Media didn't request a minimum commitment. I have spoken to many agencies previously, and they all make you commit to 6/9/12 months. I find this ridiculous - if they are selling for me and I have the budget, why would I stop working with them? It suggests that they don't have confidence in their ability to achieve the goals. Updates Media, on the other hand, were willing to have a rolling contract, which worked extremely well for us. "

Simon Hills, TrueStart

" The team genuinely care about the results, like an extension of our team, autonomous and providing regular updates even out of office hours! :) "