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New format for the Independent Agencies Census

We felt that the Independent Agencies Census needed a makeover to give you the best opportunity to attract the attention of potential clients. That is why, this year it will be a list of the top agencies in the UK, in the form of a perfect-bound A4 book, published by The Drum.

The Independent Agencies book will be The Drum’s go-to guide for anyone seeking to work with the best independent agencies in the UK. Thousands of brands will be sent the book, as well as being published online. We want to show brands that independent agencies provide a level of expertise as well as the larger network agencies. 

The selection of the top agencies in the book will be powered primarily by RAR but this time will also include aspects such as financials, editorial review and Drum award nominations and wins.

So, if you entered into the Census this year, expect this exciting new format!