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Promoting RAR to brands

In the past few months we have focused on improving the experience for agencies to give you the most value from the platform. Now that is all up and running, the next stage is to focus on ensuring we have the right quality, and quantity of brands using RAR, to improve your visibility to potential clients. 

Currently we send out a newsletter every month, to update brands on awards results, new functionality and interesting and relevant content for sourcing and selecting agencies. We promote books produced by RAR on The Drum too. Most recently we have put banners online to encourage brands to request a copy of the latest Together Works. Finally, there have been improvements to the brand dashboard, and in the way they search. 

However, we are now planning to update brand functionality further, and communicate this to encourage use of the platform for agency selection. We will be producing content, reports and research to increase traffic to the website. 

This means we will see an influx of brands searching the site, and using the shortlists and reports. So, it is more important than ever to make sure you have completed your RAR profile, and have up to date and relevant case studies.