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The stuff clients can't stand

Clients aren't stupid. If your agency is struggling to deliver, or having staffing issues this can become clear with a certain phrase or action. Brands are becoming more savvy than ever when hiring and firing an agency partner. So it is important to steer clear of excuses, and focus on being client-centered and being truthful if something is going wrong. 

If you're asking for more time to deliver a project, this could signify to the client that their work is not a priority, or you are not willing to take on the challenge. Don't take your accounts for granted, even if it isn't your biggest spender - it could be in the future. Be honest from the outset if there is a real reason that your time is limited. And if you are struggling to properly manage time or resource, that is your responsibility. 
It is important to understand what clients think of your agency, as doing or saying the wrong thing could get you fired. Find out what your clients think about you, by purchasing or downloading your report. You will find a summary of your ratings, client comments and testimonials.