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How brands see your agency and why you should take note

Brand report

One of RAR’s best features for brands is the speed at which we can deliver rich content about agencies they are interested in.

At the core of this is the ratings and our Brand Report shows the ratings of each agency in detail and can compare up to four agencies side by side.

We’ve put an image above showing a screenshot of part of the report. Because of the way it is delivered online, it is difficult to show you the full report. However if you look at the top of the image, you can see the menu buttons that allow brands to toggle between different types of information.

We wanted to show you this to illustrate how much of the report is generated by information that you provide via your RAR account.

Not only do brands use this in the reports, but they can see it online when searching and our consultants use the information when compiling shortlists.

So it’s really important to put lots of rich, quality content in there and keep it up to date.