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New and improved dashboard coming your way.

You may have noticed a few changes here at Recommendedagencies.com. Earlier this year we hired some new talent to help us improve the experience of using our platform and since then that team have been busying themselves to make things more intuitive, helpful and overall, give you a better experience.


We’ll be releasing frequent updates over the coming weeks and months and first up is the agency dashboard. Why? Because this is one of the most visited pages for agencies and it’s where you come for key information, to manage your data and take your most important actions.


The changes will make it simpler to view your status; manage your client ratings and reviews; access your assets (logos, certificates and reports); learn about important information (such as the RAR Awards, and upcoming events); update your agency information.


The new header panel provides a high level view with the overall rating score and a count of your live recommendations. The notification function has been updated to give you the info that matters related to your recommendations, membership, content or events 


In addition your dashboard will become mobile responsive. Meaning you can update and monitor your profile on the go on any device.


In our next round of updates the dashboard will also include; improved visibility of all your ratings and service ratings, a new quick invite section, where you can add and invite a client reference direct from the dashboard and new quick links will also be available to update your profile, view your ratings report and public pages.


If you have any feedback on the new agency dashboard or you’d just like to chip in with some tips of how else we can improve, please use the feedback form on the RHS of our site.