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Top London Independent Agencies revealed

RAR has completed its 2012 research into the business performance of London independent marketing agencies from across the spectrum of disciplines, and has revealed a very encouraging upward trend.

The link between delivering excellent service and results to clients and having a thriving agency business cannot be denied. Any agency that is not managing to deliver these things can expect to struggle in terms of client retention and therefore ability to grow the business.

Therefore it’s no surprise to see that these agencies that are highly rated by their clients through the RAR online rating system, are growing in a profitable way.

To be included in the report, agencies had to leap four hurdles. One: Gain enough high ratings from their clients to become recommended agencies (clients rate services supplied and also service levels such as effectiveness, creativity, client service and value for money). Two: Be based in London or be operating an office in London. Three: Provide financial information for the last two completed financial years. Four: Achieve great business results.

The 50 agencies that did best have appeared in the league table in this year’s report.

In the 2011 report the sum of all the rises and falls in gross profit in the table showed that as a group the agencies were producing £1.4m less profit than the year before. In 2012, the same figure is a £75m rise in profits.

Full copies of the report are available to buy on our publications page.
To see a free excerpt, click here.