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RAR Awards 2012 kick off

RAR’s search to find the agencies that have been the most highly rated by their clients in the last year has begun.

The 3rd annual RAR Awards will take a snapshot of the live ratings on www.recommendedagencies.com and use the data to find which agencies really delight their clients.

The awards cover all of the disciplines included in RAR such as design, digital, PR, advertising and brand strategy. They also examine which agencies were best-rated for service levels such as strategic thinking, value for money, effectiveness and ability to deliver on budget.

Director of RAR and organiser of the awards, Diane Young comments, “The awards are a great tool for buyers of marketing services to spot which agencies are the best in the eyes of other buyers. And of course for an agency to be a finalist or winner in an awards that is voted for directly by clients is valuable ammunition in their new business armoury.”

The deadline for collecting ratings is 14th February. Agencies can find out more about the awards at