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RAR Czechs in first Eastern European agency

Know How Solutions of Vsetin in the Czech Republic has become the first Czech marketing agency to gain recognition by Recommended Agency Register.

In a brief interview, Jiri Maly, CEO of Know-How explains how it came about:

RAR: How did you find out about RAR?

It was quite a coincidence.Everyday we are checking out new trends about agencies on http://abduzeedo.com/ so one day we got to one which was RAR’d and we thought It is a good idea to be a recommended agency.

RAR: Why did you decide to go through the recommendation process?

Know-How: It was an easy decision. We wanted to be the first RAR agency from the Czech Republic.

RAR: How easy or difficult was the process?

It was difficult in the way of language barrier. Lots of Directors or marketing managers in our region are still not so fluent in English. So the main problem was to encourage them to fill in the forms on RAR website. But this is getting better every year because lots of young people are starting to work in management especially in marketing.

RAR: What do you hope to gain from being in RAR?

We hope to gain some prestige and also some new interesting projects from all over the world. The main reason is that the Czech clients are still too conservative in design so it's hard to convince them to do something new. So we hope to get a chance to show what we can do and that here in Eastern Europe we can do good design.

Said Diane Young, Director of RAR, “We have quite a few agencies based in the UK with offices in other parts of the world but this is the first agency headquartered in Eastern Europe to complete the recommendation process. Since we have worked with several clients with international interests such as Highland Spring, Newell Rubbermaid, Stihl, Whyte & Mackay and Harley Davidson, the more agencies we have in overseas markets, the better a service we can provide to clients using RAR to find their agencies.”