Refresh for blue economy experts

27th November 2020

Updating the face of the trade experts to the Blue Economy

ShipServ approached MTM after its creative agencies had failed to adapt to the business’ fast-paced and dynamic delivery requirements. In response, ShipServ needed an agile partner that could support it as an extension of its own marketing function, working closely with the internal marketing team and senior decision-makers, and collaborating every step of the way.

After a competitive selection process, and an initial project to develop a suite of digital customer support materials, MTM was engaged with ShipServ to undertake a full refresh of the business’ visual identity and to align it with the brand.

Following stakeholder engagement and a full brand review, we took the brand on an evolutionary journey. ShipServ wanted to move its brand identity forward but it didn’t want to entirely lose the elements that it felt resonated with, and were recognisable by its audience. With that in mind, we developed an updated vision for the brand identity, with an updated logomotif and tagline, new graphic elements and a freshened colour palette. Everything was designed to feel fresh, yet familiar, mixing subtle changes with larger design updates. The process also included building a library of authentic on-brand imagery, revised fonts and iconography, and a range of bespoke 3D illustrations to support the communication of ShipServ’s products.

On acceptance, the fresh new brand identity was rolled out to a new ShipServ fit for purpose website, which was also launched in September 2020. We also supported the sales and marketing team with the development of a suite of assets and research papers to provide consistency to its presentations.

ShipServ is now looking forward to realising the full benefit of the investment it has made to reposition its brand and to enjoy business growth. As an experienced and knowledgeable partner to maritime businesses we will continue to partner ShipServ to grow its presence.