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MMT Digital and Translink Transform Public Transport in Northern Ireland with Launch of New Journey Planning and Booking Platform

13th June 2019

Northern Ireland's main public transport provider Translink has today taken a major step forward on their digital roadmap with the release of their new website.
Translink’s website provides information and online sales for main bus and rail operators across the whole of Northern Ireland and offers customers a joined-up journey planning and ticket purchasing experience for the first time. The service can be accessed through a responsive website which fully supports mobile devices at

The new platform integrates with a wide number of legacy and third-party systems including Mentz for journey planning and fares, Corethree for barcode ticket generation and NMI and PayPal for external payments.
The new website is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Hosting platform which allows the introduction of a microservice architecture (to support rapid innovation in the future) and infrastructure such as elastic scaling (to ensure a consistently-quick yet cost-effective service, regardless of the number of concurrent users) and geo-replication (to guarantee business continuity).
The new website, which forms part of Translink’s wider digital transformation, was built by digital agency, MMT Digital.
Clare Costello, Head of Customer Information and Production, Translink, said: 

“We wanted to look beyond the development of a new website and select a partner to enable and support us on our ongoing digital transformation.
“MMT Digital has provided excellent strategic and technical advice which has helped us improve processes, eliminate inefficiencies and deliver the best value to customers quickly.
“Their collaborative approach has not only helped to upskill our digital team but also transformed our culture from not just ‘doing agile’ but ‘being agile’.”

Ollie Badcock, Client Services Director, MMT Digital, said:

“Behind the scenes, this has been a complex project to put in place the right architecture and infrastructure that delivers a seamless experience for the 1.6m passengers that depend on Translink’s transport services every week.

“Services such as Uber, CityMapper and Trainline have revolutionised how we get around. But behind those simple apps lies a lot of clever engineering to make them simple, reliable and quick - raising our expectations around travel. This project proves that established transport brands can keep pace with startup innovation.
“Translink now has a website that makes it far easier for customers to plan, purchase and travel across the entire transport network, and support its ambition to transform public transport in Northern Ireland. We’re proud to have been chosen as their strategic digital partner and look forward to supporting them on the next phase of their transformation, defining the vision and technology to digitise the entire customer experience.”

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