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Customer Loyalty in a Digital World

4th March 2016

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever for customers to switch between brands to ensure they get the best deal. With people becoming more and more digitally savvy and with an increasing number of price comparison and customer review sites, this is a trend which is only set to increase. So with this growing ‘switching economy’ of customers seeking everything online, how do brands ensure that they’re doing all they can to create that sense of loyalty and to keep their customers coming back?

Create a personalised experience to keep customers loyal

A personalised experience is something that customers have now come to expect when online. If a site isn’t providing a personalised experience, they will start to look elsewhere to ensure that they are getting the information relevant to them as quickly as possible.

The first step in achieving personalisation is understanding the data that you collect on your site users. By looking at how customers are using their digital platforms, you can identify how to adapt to better engage them through loyalty marketing campaigns and deliver a personalised user experience. This can all be done through the use of EMS software, such as that provided by Kentico. By maximising the sophisticated marketing tools available within this software, organisations can deliver the right information to customers at the right times across multiple customer touch points. This tailored approach will go a long way to increasing customer loyalty. 

Strengthen engagement through design

With the website design industry changing and evolving as quickly as it does, it is vital to keep up with current trends to ensure customers are getting the best user experience possible. Creating a richer user experience on a website through graphics and animation can help strengthen engagement and a more intuitive and more engaging site will be more likely to see customers returning. 

Don’t keep them waiting

With customers demanding instant access to information more than ever before, they are unlikely to hang around waiting for pages to load. Don’t give them the chance to get bored by ensuring that your pages are as speedy as they can be. It surely goes without saying that this experience needs to be consistent across all devices too.

Make the most of real user data 

Websites gather valuable real user data, but it is only worthwhile capturing this data, if it’s being taken on board. Through analysis of this information, areas can be identified that need improving to ensure that what is being delivered through a website is what customers are looking for and that it fits in with the way they engage with a website.  

With the importance of digital devices to today’s society, it’s vital for companies to be investing in their digital presence as the most important tool for driving customer loyalty. Digital trends are constantly changing and the switching culture among consumers is increasing. However, the ability to tailor digital experiences to the individual by analysing their behaviour empowers companies to embrace this change and to adapt to stay ahead of the game.