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Fun and Learning in Brno

1st December 2015

Bracing the icy cold, a horde of partners from across the globe descended upon the picturesque landscape of Moravia, settling in the city of Brno, home to Kentico, for the 2015 Kentico Connection. From The Bar That Doesn’t Exist to the hallowed halls of the Reduta Theatre, MMT Digital was right there in the thick of it and here’s what we got up to…

Kentico 9 offers a range of exciting new features, embracing the idea of change.

Tell me something new...

The theme of this year’s Connection  was all about embracing change and delivering the best possible customer experiences. A host of intriguing case studies and presentations (including one by our very own MVP, Ilesh Mistry) provided clear and constructive insights into how we can leverage Kentico to deliver outstanding user experiences alongside best practices which mirror our own. Plenty of food for thought so far but like the ambassador with the Ferrero Rocher, Kentico were really spoiling us. A series of presentations delved into the exciting new features of Kentico 9, including the much-anticipated steps into MVC (a good start and hopefully more to come!) and the excellent Integrated Campaign Management module which will surely have marketers trembling in anticipation.

It's coming home...

One of the best things about Connection  has always been the opportunity to put a face to a name with the guys at Kentico and to learn from the guys who live and breathe the platform. Bringing Connection  home to Brno gave us the opportunity to meet more Kentico employees than ever before. Getting real insight into upcoming features in Kentico 9 and advice on particular challenges made this an incredibly useful Kentico Connection, whether it be specific one-on-one meetings or just around lunch.Nice to see you...

The partner network has always been one of Kentico’s greatest strengths. Kentico Connection  gives every partner the opportunity to meet and discuss particular challenges and trends in the industry. Connection  2015 was no different and, despite the Blatter-esque controversy surrounding the curling competition, there was plenty of opportunity to network with other partners, swapping tips and diving into engaging discussion.

The main event...

At the heart of this Connection  was the launch of Kentico 9 which promises to be another important step in Kentico’s surge forwards. The MMT Digital team was privileged to speak with the product owners about the latest features alongside informative sessions in the Reduta Theatre. And to cap it all off, the partners were invited to the Kentico 9 launch party in the swanky surroundings of the Adam Gallery. Good food, good conversation, an intriguing interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody and a bizarre stage invasion by Elvis provided the ingredients for one of the best Kentico Connection so far.