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28th July 2015

Content personalisation isn't anything new in the digital world, but it was for one our newest members of the K-Team (our in-house Kentico team), Nargis Persaud, have a read to see what she made of it...

Content personalisation has been around for a while but for a Kentico newbie like myself, I have to admit, I found it quite fascinating. The fact that you could change elements of your site to ensure the right content is delivered to the right person at the right time, truly makes it a game-changer in my eyes.

As content personalisation is based on an individual’s browsing history, it analyses factors such as demographics (age, gender, and job), behaviour (visited pages, campaign clicks, and searched keywords) and customer context (time of day, device/browser used, location). You are able to use this insightful and detailed data to create "user personas" and then tailor the content that is presented to each individual visitor.

Luckily for those on Kentico, it comes with a content personalisation module ready to use out of the box. Matched with Kentico’s built-in web analytics module, it makes it easier than ever to identify who your users are, how they use your site and help inform your decisions on how to create the most relevant content to use based on their interests.

Another great feature of content personalisation means that you don't need to depend on a developer to make every change that you wish to see. The flexibility and scalability of Kentico’s user interface allows marketers, administrators and content editors to easily create new content and publish this to their website immediately.

With personalisation features, its means you are not just limited to the predefined rules. Developers and marketers can take advantage of this and define guidelines and rules for personalisation and segmentations. Visual rule designer allows a developer to easily create new rules and make them available for marketers at a later date. Unlimited rule definition possibilities are available with the built-in K# Macro language, allowing advanced personalisation of rules. This means a variety of real-life scenarios can be created quickly and easily exposing a world of flexibility to a developer.

There is a world of benefits to using content personalisation for minimal work. By segmenting your site's visitors and providing a unique and customisable experience for each and every one, you can easily engage more users, track more conversions and in turn increase your revenue. All of this from an out-of-the box feature! If you aren’t already using this feature, my question to you is, what are you waiting for?