MMT Digital Hackathon

20th May 2015

Back in March with spring just around the corner, it was time for another MMT Digital hackathon. Unlike our friendly jolly Christmas hackathon (which resulted in the creation of Jetpack Santa 2) when everyone worked together, this time we split into 4 seperate teams, each with their own unique idea. Developer Adrian Lansdown takes us through what we managed to create and who was crowned the winner...


Created by Tim, Jenish and Ant, EloElo is a website for creating rankings for Table football and a new favorite at MMT Digital, Table Tennis.

Using the Elo rating system (as seen in the film The Social Network) the site would record games played and show who was the top of the league. 

The site was built using AngularJS on the front end and ASP.NET MVC to create an API for the backend.


Ben Squire and James Ford set out to create something they could have working on the first night. Within hours there were over 300 "jokes" posted on Slack and it was decided they really were having a laugh.

Their creation called LOLBot would reply to any request for a joke on Slack, as the weeks went on their added support for Twitter and can now be found at with over 3,000 followers.


James Sear had the brainwave for Cirquit a year before this spring Hackathon and this was his chance to build it. 

Cirquit was created to allow people to share small pieces of a song and layer additional audio tracks on top. 

With help from Jon and Ryan, the team were able to create a working prototype on an iPhone which they demoed to the group.


OGStickers was the brainchild of Mark and Adrian. Their dream was to have a website that would allow anyone to create and print stickers in 4 easy steps.

Using this opportunity to try out new services and technologies they made use of new continuous delivery services and the latest buzzword technology stack including Node, HapiJS and MongoDB.

The Winners

After four Thursday evening sessions it was time for the fifth and final week. All groups were given just two hours to polish their projects and prepare a presentation to show the whole group what they had created.

Each team had 10 minutes to present their project to the rest of the group. Some teams created full pitch decks while others had live demos including team Circuit who attempted to create a song using their iPhone app. After each group presented the other teams were given 5 minutes to grill the project and find out more about its implementation.

At the end of the 5 minutes the audience scored the project giving a score out of 10.

Once all the groups were done you might have expected there to be an impressive website to calculate scores and check that there was no vote rigging occurring. This time we followed our lean principles and opted for pen and paper. After multiple recounts and investigation into chocolate eggs being used to buy votes the winner was revealed.

Looking back the winning team was clear from the first week....LolBot took first place with a massive 12 winning margin.

Cirquit with their impressive demo took second place, followed by Eloelo and picking up the wooden spoon award was OGStickers.