Who won the 3rd edition of the annual MMT Digital Bake Off?

16th April 2015

If you had visited our offices last Friday you would have noticed that our usual friendly and fun office atmosphere had been replaced with a somewhat hostile ambience. Colleagues were not talking to one another and everyone seemed incredibly serious….so what had brought about this strange behaviour from normally such friendly and jovial people?.....it was the annual MMT Digital Bake Off of course (the clue was in the title)!!

Once again the staff at MMT Digital created some truly wonderful and edible (a surprise to many) sugary creations. However, there were rumours, no, “rumours” isn’t the right word…..it was bloody obvious that pretty much everyone who entered had received some help from people not employed by MMT Digital!! But this didn’t really matter, as all the money raised went to The Seb Goold Trust.

As is tradition, Richard Baines from Baines Bakery and Tearoom, did the judging. This year he came along with his apprentice Sarah to help him decide the winners. In order for the London office to take part, we had a live video link and the cakes in London were sampled and then feedback was given.

Richard was very complimentary about the standard of cakes in this year’s competition and was impressed with how motivated people were to win. After bravely sampling every entry (more courage was definitely needed for certain cakes) Richard and Sarah entered into intense discussions to decide who the Mary Berry of MMT Digital was.  

Then the moment everyone was waiting for, the winner was to be announced….

In third we actually had a tie, Ryan Elliott-Potter, with his MMT Digital logo cake, and Nick Weatherhead, with his suspiciously effeminate Lemon Drizzle entry.  

Then in second place was Adrian Lansdown, who created a fantastic “Deluxe Carrot Cake”.

And the winner of the 3rd annual MMT Digital Bake Off was…….Yasser Abbasi!! Or more accurately, Yasser and his daughter Zoya. To be fair to Yasser, he did admit that he contributed 50% towards the creation of the cake. We are assuming that driving it to the office equates to 50% in Yasser’s eyes?! Just kidding Yasser, congratulations on a delicious cake!! 

Well done to everyone who entered and thank you for all of the generous donations for a fantastic charity!