ActiveTeach - 3 Years On

15th April 2015

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of MMT Digital starting work on ActiveTeach Online for Pearson.

ActiveTeach is a front of classroom teaching tool, featuring an on-screen digital version of textbooks and supporting resources, such as grammar presentations, worksheets, vocabulary lists and lesson plans.

ActiveTeach was the start of the agile journey for MMT Digital, with the help of the agile coach Troy Plant the ActiveTeach team fully embraced agile, with 2 week sprints, fortnightly sprint demos and multiple backlog refinements.

The fun aspect of working via Agile, and the creation of one team consisting of MMT Digital and Pearson personnel was essential. With that said, we all celebrated the highs and lows as one team. 

The ActiveTeach team has worked hard to have an incredible team bond. co-location days in Uppingham, London or Oxford at least once a sprint have played a vital role in achieving this team spirit, as have  the team nights out for important milestones such as go live dates. In the last 3 years the team have gone on many fun days out including ice skating and punting.

The ActiveTeach team took co-location to the extreme when they had a code camp in France. For a week they worked in a house in Saint-Sauveur, coding throughout the day and then enjoying the sights and more coding in the evening. At the weekends they went to Utah Beach and a French ‘Go Ape’.

At the start of the project we all said it would be good to have some branded “guest mugs” to use when the ActiveTeach team were in Oxford, but this didn't happen, so for our 3rd year Anniversary MMT Digital made sure it did and we kitted everyone out in branded t-shirts for a nice added extra!

The past 3 years have been great and we hope that this continues for many more!

Click the link to check out ActiveTeach.