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Acquia Partner Training

27th February 2015

Last week a number of MMT Digital staff from their internal Drupal team attended the 2 day Acquia Partner Training in Reading. Acquia provide a number of different products that significantly enhance the potential ROI for all Drupal projects and we wanted to find out more details of how we can use these projects for our Drupal clients. It was a great two days packed full of interesting presentations, webinars, workshops and delicious lunches! Acquia products range dramatically in terms of who they are designed for and how they enhance a Drupal project. For example, they help developers and technical leaders build complex applications faster and more efficiently, as well as enabling marketers to perform targeted campaigns and content strategies. In terms of the latter, we learnt how to deliver highly sophisticated online marketing features for our clients using Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift provides marketers with the power to segment their customer database and create user personas, implement content personalisation, run marketing automation, set up lead scoring and use many, many more advanced online marketing tools. As well as delivering sophisticated products, Acquia are also focused on delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that their products are being used in the right way. That’s why their customer support network is one of the most detailed and professional we have encountered. All in all, it is little wonder that some of the most famous brands in the world, such as the BBC and Warner Music Group, are now using Acquia. We now fully intend to help our Drupal clients get the most out of this CMS platform by using Acquia. 

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