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4th December 2014

For the last Kentico Korner of the year we thought it would be nice to have a look back at a number of our websites that made it into the much coveted Kentico Top 10 Sites of the Month. We are always extremely proud to get into this list as it is completely global and there are lots of agencies around the world doing great things with Kentico. What’s interesting is that there are not 2 websites that are in the same industry which we think shows that we have the skills to deliver online success for companies in any sector.

April: Actavis

Actavis is a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company with more than 30 manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world. The website is the rebuild of the global corporate site and is the first step in a larger project to update their web offering. The site makes use of many out-of-the-box features, including widgets to give the client greater flexibility in managing their templates. The site is fully responsive, and additional work has been undertaken to make sure that it looks good in IE7 and IE8. There are integrations with the Thomson Reuters investor feeds, the Kenexa job board and Actavis’ own US product database. June: Scope

Scope is a leading disability charity that exists to make the United Kingdom a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. A clear objective from Scope was to ensure an excellent user experience on all devices. By using responsive web design, we have helped Scope to maximise donation potential, provide user friendly content and deliver improved site behaviour from Scope’s target audience.  We created a number of responsive widgets that Scope could access and implement when needed. These include call to action buttons, links, a Twitter feed, placeholders for photographs and many, many more content features. And the result? Since the site launched, Scope have reported a 17% increase in e-commerce conversion rates (the % of visits which resulted in a financial transaction), a 66.2% increase in the number of transactions for the entire site and the average donation value has increased by 36.4%. Scope have also seen a 58% increase in the proportion of returning mobile and tablet users and the average number of email sign ups has increased by almost 75% per month. July: Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co are an international law firm and also the World Law Group’s representative law firm in England connecting clients with more than 15,000 lawyers globally. They had become frustrated with their ageing CMS platform and the restrictions that it placed on their content editors. They wanted an easy to manage web platform that incorporated the latest web design and build trends. We used content centric responsive web design to ensure that the site looks and works perfectly on all existing and future device screens. To optimise the user experience, advanced tagging and filtering functionality were implemented to ensure that relevant content was displayed for the site visitor e.g. related news stories were suggested when a user was reading a particular article. We also applied advanced search features. This has resulted in users being able to search for a lawyer by using sector, location, service and role (job title). The initial feedback has been excellent and phase 2 looks like it will only heighten client satisfaction. September: Martini 

Martini is a global drinks manufacturer and part of the Bacardi family. The purpose of the project was to redesign and rebuild in order to bring it in-line with Martini’s new global brand guidelines, the ‘Begin Desire’ campaign. The objectives of the project were simple – rebuild on top of the pre-existing Martini site, as fast and cost- effectively as possible. For this reason, the focus of this project was more on integrating the new designs than overhauling the back-end mechanics of the site. The site is built on Kentico 7, and uses the Kentico culture function extensively in order to translate the site into a number of languages, each controllable by the Martini local markets. The pages, products and cocktails are all shareable via Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. The site is in position as the digital centrepiece for the ‘Begin Desire’ campaign when it‘s rolled out to various countries across the globe. November: Seaco

Seaco is a global shipping company with 14 offices worldwide and a diversified container fleet of 1,319,925 TEU. The client wanted to create a marketing website that would serve as a great source of information and a gateway to their customer portal (Seaweb). Seaco wished to emit a more personal, friendly feel to their customers, as well as enable global customers to find the most relevant Seaco contact details and advertise their services clearly. The website needed to be fully responsive to provide an optimal user experience for all devices. Kentico 8 was the clear choice for Seaco because of its social and online marketing features and multilingual capabilities. We hope that you enjoyed checking out these websites and if you would like to have FREE Kentico Demo without leaving the comfort of your own desk please get in touch and we can arrange a screen share call. The K-Team