Jetpack Santa 2: The Rise of Dark Santa

26th November 2014

Back in August, when the country was still reeling from yet another disastrous football World Cup and the smell of BBQs filled the air, here at MMT Digital we were as excited as Will Ferrel in the movie Elf for the arrival of Santa!In the summer, we started to plan our next foray into the desktop gaming world with our follow up to last year’s Jetpack Santa. Such was the popularity of Jetpack Santa last December, we knew that we wanted another game with our portly man in red as the main character, the question was “what adventures did we want to send him on this year?” Eventually, "Jetpack Santa 2: The Rise of Dark Santa" was born!!The story for our new game is as follows.... Jetpack Santa has been shot out of the sky by his evil twin brother “Dark Santa”. His jetpack has smashed into pieces and a lot of presents have spilt out of his sack. Jetpack Santa must now collect all of the jetpack parts and fix it in order to fly across the sky on Christmas Eve delivering presents to children around the world.

The problem is, Dark Santa and his very nasty henchmen; psychopathic wind-up toys, evil elves and murderous snowmen, are trying to stop Jetpack Santa from collecting his jetpack pieces. However, Jetpack Santa has his big sack of presents to kill his enemies with and he can also collect snowballs to throw at them throughout his journey. If Jetpack Santa can kill all of the bad guys, his biggest challenge will be waiting and comes in the form of Dark Santa in his flying, snowball-throwing, space shuttle....and you were dreading spending time with your family at Christmas, think how poor Jetpack Santa feels!!


Every Thursday night after work a group of MMT Digital developers would meet up at our weekly “hackathons”, order some take-away pizza, and get to work on the game. We have created everything you see and hear in “Jetpack Santa 2: The Rise of Dark Santa”, from the graphics right the way through to the sound effects and music! Make it to the boss level and you will hear a kind of Dubstep version of Frotsty The Snowman.

We are delighted with the end result as we have created a rather addictive desktop and tablet game that has already caused quite a bit of competition here in the MMT Digital office. We have an internal league table running. Why don’t you do the same and watch the competitive streaks emerge among your staff (TIP: there is a secret level with big points up for grabs!).

It is certainly worthwhile getting good at our game as there are some great prizes up for grabs for the players with the top 3 scores by 5:00pm on 30th January: 1st – FREE Kentico Base Licence (worth £2,299!!), Bottle of Champagne and a Thorntons Chocolate Hamper2nd – Thorntons Chocolate Hamper3rd – Box of Thorntons Chocolates We would like to say a massive thank you to our friends at Kentico for being so generous by giving away a FREE Base Licence! Good luck to everyone who plays the game and from all of us here at MMT Digital, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!