MMT Digital's Award-Winning Ecommerce Chatbot Delivers Impressive Results for Vodafone

E-commerce Strategy

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing 2018, Vodafone’s Head of Digital, Jon Davies, revealed how TOBi, the ecommerce chatbot we developed in partnership with Vodafone has transformed the way people purchase phones and SIM only contracts.

With only a year under its belt, TOBi has proved to be a simple, seamless experience for Vodafone’s customers, with the chatbot quickly becoming the preferred way to purchase online and delivering some impressive results:

> 100% increase in conversion rate compared to website
> 50% reduction in transaction time compared to website 
> 90/100 usability score 
> 65 touchpoint NPS 

To find out more about how TOBi is reinventing the path to purchase at Vodafone, read Econsultancy’s full write-up including a summary of the key takeaways from the session.  

For more on how Vodafone and MMT are innovating in the chatbot space, download Econsultancy’s ‘A Marketer’s Guide to Chatbots'

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